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    Thumbs down Most-requested Halloween Mask: Osama Bin Laden?!?

    Why in the world would anybody want to dress up like Bin Laden for Halloween? The news is reporting that this is the most highly-saught-after mask this Halloween even though there is no such mask, so I've got to ask, what kind of people find this amusing and/or acceptable?
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    Thumbs down The things that make you go hmm....

    Oh wait. I've seen that mask. It also doubles as a horse's arse with the beard for a tail.

    In all seriousness I think that would be kind of crass for a company to be making $ off of something related to the tragedy of late. If they were giving their profits to the relief effort, maybe it's justifiable but I would never get one.
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    Definitely for morons...unfortunately there are ppl that would try to get attention in any possible way, this is one of those cases. Still, i think if a guy shows up in a Haloween party with Bin Laden's (mask/costume) he would wet his butt kicked big time.
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    If I see anyone over the age of 18 wearing this, I'm going to rip it off his face. I hate this country's tendency to trivialize things like this in this way. It is not Bin Laden's face that's "Scary", it's his actions. This is worse than those stupid cartoon shirts they had of Sadaam Hussein back in the Gulf War.
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    Maybe they don't want to wear the mask but scarify it. Like make a scarecrow and hang it from a tree, slap osamas mask on it. I'd say that's pretty anti-osama, it's also kinda morose.

    Does anyone see my point?
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    There's a $5million reward for him so you could "accidentally" kick the ever lovin' GONK! out of anybody wearing it, and then sheepishly explain you thought he was the "real" bid Laden and were just out to collect the reward. Meanwhile, he's needin' a cold press for his eye and dental work, exactly like he deserves...

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    Oh goody, how about a Hilter mask? Or General Custer, or Napoleon? Maybe even a cute little pair of the Colombine shooters? Whoever is profiting off of the loss of so many lives is a sick, sick animal.

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    I wanna go as Hitler. I really do. Not.

    This is off the subject of the thread but it seems like the best thread to put it in.
    On the way home from my brothers wedding my family and I saw in front of a persons house a large doll or 'dummy' made to look like an Arab hanging from a noose(sp?). I think they should get in trouble with the law or something for doing this. And it wasn't for Halloween either.

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    One of the freedoms we fight for is the right to disrespect the dead, profit from tragedy and trivialize the horrors of the world.

    I don't like it, but that's life.
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    I consider it less a freedom than an unfortunate byproduct. But you're right, that's life. I would much rather ***** about people's decisions than have to give up our right to make them.
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