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    POTF2 USA Stormtrooper

    A few parsecs ago when E2 was premiered, I saw a pic of some chappy in a Stormtrooper costume that had the US flag design on it.

    I am wanting to make this as a figure, and also do one with the UK flag (as i'm from the UK)

    Does anybody know of a link to a picture of this trooper guy, or can post a pic in this thread.

    I would be most grateful to anyone who can help.
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    Found it from my friends at Artoos!

    Stormtrooper USA
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    Cheers ACPin, Thats the pic I was after. Just finished my custom of it, also done a UK custom too. If I had a decent camera I would post pics.

    Maybe somewhen
    TK6540 of the UK Garrison

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    USA Stormtrooper - Update

    OK, made them & got pics. Not very good pics as they were done from a cheap & cheerful digital camera.

    Feel free to let me know what you think.
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    Your Union Jack one looks very cool. The US one is great too. The stars on the US flag are real hard to paint I'm sure.

    Great Job. I wounder what made the guy who inspired you want to alter his very expensive Stormtrooper outfit. Patriotic or not, that suit couldn't have been cheap.
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    I think he could've just used terpatine (sp?) to remove the paint or something. Though I dunno if that would've damaged the armor. He could've just painted it white again anyways. Or he was able to get a set of that armor for cheap or from someone who didn't want it anymore.
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    Very cool! turned out nice! I plan on making the USA one myself. I even made a custom card for it. Feel free to use it if you want!
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    That's a very cool custom. I actually saw footage of the guy who had that on his Stormtrooper outfit on MTV the other day.

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    I decided to make this figure too! I just finished him last night, and I carded him on that custom card I made. I'll have pics shortly.
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    Thanks for the replies guys. Most appreciated.

    I have a few other spare stormtroopers about, but I am undecided as what to do with them next. I was thinking about more flag designs but not sure which ones to do.

    Any Ideas ??

    Also thanks to Mandalorian30, great card, I may have too use it, once I get the hang of making cards.
    TK6540 of the UK Garrison


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