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    A sad day for me

    I have been collecting 12 inch figures since they came out and now they have overtaken my spare room so i can no longer get anymore I have all of them up to the end of episode 1 including all the exclusives and the vintage figures. I would stilll like the count dooku and jango fett I am consdiering selling a few of my older figures to make room which ones would you guys suggest getting rid of? also I dont want to lose money of them but i think the prices have gone down over the last 2 years I live in the UK so have had to pay alot of shipping charges bummer. please let me know cheers

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    Re: A sad day for me

    I suggest getting rid of the boxes and you will have room to collect until the end of the line.

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    Think before you leap.

    Please do not open all of them. That would be a crying shame in some cases. If you do open some make it the less valuable ones like the Ceremonial Luke which just wouldn't leave the shelves when they came out in stores. Please do not open any of the vintage ones. I WISH I could get my hands on some. Just my humble thoughts.
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    iain rockford,

    welcome to the forums.

    are all your figures still in their boxes? if so, with exception to the vintage ones, open them up and diplay them!

    and if necessry you can just pile them up in a laundry basket!

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    Unhappy Re: a sad day for me

    these things were meant to be displayed ! open them up, this will
    save a lot of space in your room, or just open up a few to make
    room for a Jango Fett, these figures will never be worth much
    theres no use to leave them all mint in box.

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    Oh my god I haven't laughed so hard in a long time. Nice Laundy basket. Please tell me you have another one devoted to actual clothes.
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    ok thanks for the suggestions I think I will sell some of the ep 1 stuff and open some others, now what to do with all the action fleet stuff

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    Yeah, the 12" collection looks really nice on display. I'll be putting mine up again sometime soon when I can find the time and the room! Although, opening them all up could just double the room they take up if you're like me and hate to throw ANYTHING away! . I like packaging. It's the designer in me. So I refuse throw out most of my packaging. Besides, if I ever DO decide to sell them, I will probably at least get back my original payment if I keep the boxes. Now the carded ones that I open, I usually just keep the card backers for those. Although I've attempted work on some packaged customs before...

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    let them invade the kitchen or living room.
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