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  • Yes, I'd like these as long as we still get a good assortment of movie figures.

    504 68.85%
  • No thanks, I'm not interested in these.

    140 19.13%
  • Hasbro should not do Expanded Universe figures alltogether.

    88 12.02%
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    Should Hasbro make figures from the new Knights of the Old Republic Video Game?

    With the Knights of the Old Republic coming to video gaming, should Hasbro make Expanded Universe figures to go with it?

    Here's what some could look like!

    You can learn more about this game, and all other LucasArts video games, see reviews, and find out their release dates at Star Wars
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    That sounds real cool can't wait to see if they are made
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    I say the more figures the better - I would love to see more EU figures!

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    How about a maybe vote. I'd rather have figures from the movies (especially ones with speaking lines), but these figures would be much better than nothing. I agree they look pretty cool, but if it comes to a choice between movie and EU figures, I have to choose the movie figures.

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    There's not really a maybe category on these.

    I offered the "yes choice" and made it state that if this could be done, it would not interfere with movie figures being made.

    If you prefer EU from comics or books and definitely don't want these, then vote that.

    If you can't stand EU at all, there's a choice for that too.

    Meanwhile, Hasbro would miss an opportunity to do figures for a new release video game when it's popular, same as they seem to be letting the opportunity that's the New Jedi Order pass them bye. So they'd want to do the figures now-or-never IMO.

    They do NOT have any plans to make these.

    Honestly, I don't know these characters or I'd have labeled their names. There's no agenda here for me, as it relates to my wanting them or not. I haven't played the game, don't know the characters, and can't say if I like the story - which is the most important part.

    If they were made, the non-EU fans could use them as extra Jedi in an arena battle diorama, or patrons in the Outlander Night Club and worker droids in the Geonosis factories. Those Star Tours droids are great, aren't they?

    The other motive on this poll was that on this previous poll that we did on what our readers collect, the next largest category of interest next to toys was Star Wars video games. The interest was shown there by miles!

    So I thought I'd offer something new from video games as a poll for action figures. The Knights of the Old Republic seemed like a good choice given the fact that other pilot games have limited characters and concentrate more on ships. 1st person shooters are often one-and-the-same with Kyle Katarn, who's had an action figure made. So this would be a little different.

    I also thought that if people want figures from comics and books, that a much larger body of our readers who show more interest in video games, would want their figures made, too.

    Again, the timing is critical on these. It wouldn't be worth doing at all after Hasbro had expired the approximately 70 more Classic movie figures they could make, and about so many prequel movie figures they still could do from the more recent films.

    The line would lose over 50% of current collectors' interest, our past poll shows. By spreading out their cantina aliens and new characters from the Galactic Senate, Hasbro increases the lifespan of their franchise. That's my theory anyway.
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    i for it if figures where to be made

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    Sorry, but not into these. Hasbro has WAY more figures to make before they make these things.

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    I'd like to see these before any other EU figs.

    At least here we have a definite picture to go off of, unlike other EU figs that are artistically made from a novel or comic.

    I'd just ask they do a better job than what they did on Kyle, and the Dark Trooper...those looked nothing like their video game counterparts.

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    I dont think they should any and all expanded universe stuff sucks. I believe it is a waste of time to make these figures especially off of a video game. The fact that the EXU stormtrooper got voted on as fan choice figure really makes me mad it shouldnt of been up for a vote in the first place. Every EXU thing I seen in stores stayed there for months on end and these KOTOR figures will do the same and stores will begin to stop ordering star wars figures again(it was the mass production of EP1 toys that stopped the Wal Mart here from ordering the POTJ line as they had the stuff on the shelves forever and EXU figures would do the same thing).

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    Let's not get carried away...

    Let me first say that if Hasbro wants to make it and people want to buy it, then so be it.

    I don't know, maybe I'm getting figure fatigue, as we head down the final stretch to the last movie (and inevitably the end of the figures?).

    What makes the enthusiasm hard to sustain, is that it takes so long to get the figures I want into stores. Take AOTC, there are so many key figures (ie, important characters) that we are waiting for and will have to wait quite awhile for.

    So every time I see more repetitive figures (more Qui-Gon, Sith training, etc) or more obscure figures (take your pick), I get frustrated.

    Basically, my point to Hasbro is do the important figures that people want to complete key movie scenes, etc. Then if you still want to make figures, and you still have customers to buy them, then sure, go crazy on obscure and "expanded universe" crazy.

    But with AOTC only out two months, and so many characters not even in sight yet, personally, I don't want to hear any more about expanded universe!


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