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    I thought it just got there today!?!?
    Man, you hauled butt to get that guy ready!
    I don't blame you though. He looks Kick ***!

    & don't worry, i'll keep you posted on the custom uni to solve that
    short sleeve prob on Hasbros. I can't remember though if Hasbros
    came with the Jedi belt that holds the saber.


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    Wow, Serg what a great sculpt on the face! That's the best likeness of Mark Hamill I've seen on a 12" figure! How did you do it? I've always wanted to make 12" custom figures, but don't know how to get started. Any pointers on paints, tools, etc.? Let me know here, or e-mail me.
    "I'm a Jedi, like my Father before me!"
    Luke Skywalker to Emperor Palpatine in "Return Of The Jedi"

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    From experience, your best bet it to get yourself either a custom
    sculptor Or get in on an offering. I made 30 of these available to
    online friends & such.
    Now painting is a different story. I love Tamiya & the secret
    (god help me if anyone finds out i'm saying this) is to blend, blend,
    blend. Water down your paints so that you won't get a build up &
    then starts to create different levels of skin that, when wet, will
    smoothly transition from 1 color to the next making it look like the
    skin of a real person.
    (look at the top of your hand. Notice the difference in your knuckles
    as opposed to the web areas between the fingers)

    Hope this helps,



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