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    Question Ep2 Table Vs Ep4 Table

    While watching Ep2 and the scene were Dooku and his round table of separatists, I notice, alien, alien, maybe robot, insectoid, alien....where as in Ep4 where they show Gov. Tarkin and Vader and their round table and I notice, human, human, human.... you get the idea. In fact the whole Death Star was either human or robots. What happened to all alien figures?

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    Well, CG was not around when they made ANH, of course. But, the Empire/Emperor Palpatine is credited as being "human supremecist."
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    Yes, it was because of the lack of CG, but the "in-star wars" reason is that the Empire is raceist, notice how there are no black officers either.
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    It wasn't a lack of CGI at all, they could have just as easily had Alien Imperials, by using masks. But it's because of the reason stated above, the Empire is Human only. They also also racists, and sexists. Notice the lack of female Imperial Officers as well. Sidious in the prequels, are using the aliens, and will in the end discard them. He's making all the alien owned groups (The Trade Federation, Techno Union, Intergalactic Banking Clan, etc.) look like they are out to destroy the republic. Once the Empire comes into being, they will turn those contracts over to Human owned businesses.

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    JJB do you mean sexist?
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    Originally posted by MikeAndTheBots
    JJB do you mean sexist?
    Oops, you are correct. Thanks for the heads up, that is what I meant, but apperantly not what I typed. I have edited my post to correct that. Thanks again for informing me. Take a Klondike Bar out of petty cash.

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    798 the villain in WWII (I won't mention the name)...but you know who I'm talking about and that N*** regime. It parallels that of the Empire...even the clothing that the Imperial officers with the pants that stick out on the sides too.

    Very much similar regimes.

    As far as the Empire is concerned...they are MEN only and White MEN I might add. Unfortunately, the Empire fails to recognize that diverse cultures, races and ethnic backgrounds can accomplish more if they work together than one race alone. Look at what the Rebellion did in ANH and ROTJ...beat the Empire at their own game, defying the odds, and outnumbered...defeated the lone race of the Empire. Yoda says: "Size matters not!" (in this case referring to the size of one's army).
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    Originally posted by JarJarBinks
    Once the Empire comes into being, they will turn those contracts over to Human owned businesses.

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    According to various EU text, the contracts have already been turned over to human corporations.

    The AOTC Incredible Cross Sections says: "Born From Betrayal. The new Galactic Army's arsenal was secretly built by a mighty corporation that could have led the Seperatists if not for bloody treachery. Leading Kuati executives were assinated when Neimodians took over the Trade Federation at the notorious Eriadu Conference a decade earlier. The outraged industrialists have since aligned with the Sumpreme Chancellery. Meanwhile, the pace of clandestine construction accelerates in Kuat's cordoned shipyards and factories on Rothana."

    In the NJO book series it's established that Kuati's are human.
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    i think i remember reading in one of the books, i'm not sure which, that the emperor has someting against non-humanoid species. he felt them inferrior to the humionds. so, if that is the case, then there would be no aliens at all in the empire.
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    In the OT, Vader and the Emperor are portrayed as the most evil beings in the galaxy. They are both white males, the same as every other Imperial that we see. And the Empire is EVIL. So how can these idiots call Star Wars racist???

    One more thing. Lando, a black man, blew up the second Death Star. With an alien copilot and a white wingman named Wedge Antilles. It was a multiracial/ multispecies effort. Different people working together. Star Wars is not racist. The OT actually made white males look worse. People that say it is racist need to find something else to complain about.
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