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    Star Wars Animated Series?

    This just occured to me, but how would you guys feel about a Star Wars animated series based on some of the EU stories, maybe like a New Jedi Order Animated Series, or just cover the whole darn EU. I'm not necessarily for this idea, but i'm not against it either, i just want to hear what you guys think!
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    Nah, it wouldn't suit it. Plus anyone who carries a cartoon nowadays that's popular loves to exploit it in each and every possible way they can as a cash machine.

    Not too mention with all the CGI in the movies now, it is basically a cartoon.
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    i would dig it. i love animation. i think it would best be utilized to tell stories aside from the already established cannon characters, and the established EU characters. if they did an anthology show that would have a story arch about a certain subject, like an x-wing squadron, and then another one about a bounty hunter, maybe with small cameos of the core characters, to give it a sense of timeframe, like the idea behind the play "rosencrantz and gildenstern are dead," where we follow two supporting characters from HAMLET when they would normally be off-stage, or in this case off-camera. they actually did a comic with this idea, called "tag and bink are dead." if they translated that idea to an animated series, where we see some things that are going on in the background of the scenes we saw in ESB, for example, i think that would be great.

    or maybe we could see some tales from supporting characters, like if we saw a day in the life of Zuckuss. other than that, i think it should be straight-up star wars tales WAY out of continuity from what we already know.
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    I would love it, especially if it's similar to the Droids and Ewoks cartoons. We could have Bounty Hunters, Jedi and Gungan cartoon series to go with them.

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    Welp, if it's an "anthology" it can just be something like "Star Wars Adventures" and not really have any continuity, just story arcs about a certain thing. You could see a day in the life of a Gungan, or you could see what the y-wing pilot was thinking on the way to the first Death Star!

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    I have always wanted to see an anime version of the movies.

    And an animated movie of the Zahn trilogy.
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    I wouldn't mind it, BUT they would need to do it after the hype of E3 and not use any of the known movie characters. This way if it sucked I could mentally detach it easily from the rest of SW.

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    I, like QLD, would also like to see anime-style versions of the movies, plus maybe some EU stuff. Anyone who's read any of the Star Wars manga knows that the style actually works with SW pretty well. If any SW anime was made though, I'd prefer it to be done in a "mature" anime style, i.e. Akira, Cowboy Bebop, Ghost in the Shell, etc. No superdeformed cutesy stuff, even though that might be an interesting experiment to do a humourous SW series in that style.

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    a anime style SW cartoon would be cool based on the movies or a story after them as long as it's, as Forhekset mentioned, a Anime style as in Akira or Ghost in the shell
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    Not stupid EU. It needs to be new stories, but w/ Luke, Leia, Han, etc. I don't want to see Mara Jade.
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