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    Post AOTC Lunchbox

    I bought a couple of cool AOTC lunchboxes yesterday.

    The first one was a collage of scenes from AOTC. They also had a Anakin one. The second was a hard sided case with Jango Fett on the front and on the thermos. The Jango is a large sticker. The thewrmos has Slave 1 on it.
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    Where did you find those?
    They sound pretty cool.

    Big Chewie
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    Look for them in the back-to-school section of Target.

    Good luck!
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    Anyone know if any other stores carry them?

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    I will definitely be looking there soon.

    I did find a plastic R2-D2 & C3-PO lunch box at Wal-Mart. It is kind of cool. They look like the action figures were molded onto the case.
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    Hey Big Chewie,

    The r2d2/c3po lunch box sounds cool. Do they have alot of them at walmart? Maybe you would like to trade? My waalmart never get anything good in. I was there recently & they had no lunchboxes.

    LMK if you are interested.
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    Too bad they are plastic, or soft faric lunchboxes. Why can't they do it right and make some metal ones? They would sell out so fast that it would be a marketing boom. Kids would fight in the aisles, mothers would run screaming to get their hands on it, store workers would open the boxes long before they ever hit the shelves, and collectors would set up tents outside the store..... well, maybe. Anyways, I would buy two. One for display and one for my turkey sandwiches.

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    I was in Wally World today and they are prepping their Back To School Section and they got some AOTC lunch boxes also.
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    Originally posted by Master Goeweins
    Why can't they do it right and make some metal ones?
    That would be sooooooooooooo nice.
    (And not one of those cr*ppy Spencers gifts "collectors lunchboxes" either.)

    I suppose they won't/don't because of things like rust and bacteria and sharp edges and not to mention ... a metal lunchbox full of food can turn into a mean weapon.

    Ummm, or so I've heard ... from the other kids.

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    Actually, I think that was the main reason they went to plastic and soft vinyl! Maybe Dark Horse Comics will make a nice one for the collectors. They have made many metal lunchboxes for comics, and they do publish the SW comics, so......

    ah, maybe one day....


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