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    I just thought of something. Does anyone out there know if food coloring or anything like that, that has color in it effect the figure?
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    I think so.For some reason,I had my POTF Acakbar in the kitchen at Easter,and purple food coloring got on his leg.I didnt notice until after it dried,now he has a big purple splotch(sp?) on his calf.

    I think leaving the Luke in the bacta tank when you add food coloring will cause it to be "sucked up" by the figure.
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    Nice job! I too am very familiar with Niubniubs site as well. I think that the food coloring may stain the figure. The hair gel is a safe bet. That is what Niubniub used in his. As far as blue hair gel Niubniub says the pink plastic makes the blue hair gel look like crap, but I would like to see what it looks like anyway. I used pink in mine and added some water to dilute it because it was TOO pink Adding lite on top and below really gives the diorama some mood lighting. I used a nightlight below the bacta chamber and it looks great. I used a reading light above and that worked out fine. I went to home depot and bought a piece of plexi glass for drop ceiling lighting. It reflects the light quite well. I will attach a photo of mine...however the camera did kind of a crappy job on the photo Sorry about that but let me know what you think anyway

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    I'm not sure what happened to the photo ...lets try again

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    one more time


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