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    Bacta Medical Center

    Well, I've started work on my Bacta Medical Center Diorama. Not completely finished yet. Let me know what you think so far:
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    Wow, I really like it.
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    It looks pretty good so far!

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    it looks good
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    you used niubniub's download's din't you?
    looks pretty cool IMO, good work
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    Yep! Gotta love NiubNiub!!!!!

    Anywho, here is the pretty-much-finished product. Just a few minor kinks to work out.

    If you want more pics of it, check out this link:
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    Awesome diorama!

    Keep up the good work. I wish I had the time to try my hand at these things :-)

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    Wow! That is great! Really shows the Bacta Tank in its full glory. Keep it up!
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    Not bad, keep up the good work. I have one suggestion, change the red to blue in the Bacta Tank; I think that will give it a better look.

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    I like it. I didn't think about putting a color in the tank,it looks real good. I'm going to try some food coloring with water to see how that looks. If it doesn't look as good , I'll try your method.
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