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    to derek.. the body king!!!

    what version of the jo body does hasbro use for the qui gonn jinn that came with the escape from naboo 2 pak?? reason i ask is because he is tall compared to the rest of the action collection series. does he use the talking vader with removable helmet body style or something new???

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    i think it's a variation on the vader body. the torso seems a bit thinner, and has no place for the batteries in the back and the neck attachments are different. but they are the same height.

    here's a pic of america's finest escorting mr. neeson to the brig.

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    Derek, the 2 figures behind Qui-Gon are Black Hawk Down soldiers (A Ranger on the left and a Delta on the right)...where the heck did you find those???

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    hey dead eye,

    those are made by dragon.
    you should be able to find the black hawk down 2 pack at

    here are some of my ranger and delta soldiers.
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    here is the BHD 2 pack:

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    Keep in mind the Delta guys wore body armor too--(in fact, better armor than the Rangers wore)--not just black web gear.

    Where did you get the 2-pack? And how much did it cost you?

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    qui gon body

    Could that body be the one used for the Starting Lineup Baketball Players? I know they are quite a bit taller as well. I think it was also used on Masterpiece adult Anakin, as, if I remember, he's quite a bit taller too.

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    That's where the Hasbro Star Wars bodies have come from and why they're called SLU (Starting LineUp) bodies. The less bulky body that comes with the Ultimate Jango is a chopped up version of the GIJoe Classic Collection body, abreviated as CC.

    I just got done switching mine out with a 21st Century Super Soldier body...if swapping from an SLU to a CC is that much of an improvement, upgrading to a SS from a CC is that much of an improvement times two...

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    thanks !!! this was killing me because i don't open mine.. i guess
    i should start doing this???? or mybe wishfull thinking

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    13 inch qui-gon yet?

    I have heard talk that the Defense of NAboo QUi-gon is a great figure and the best looking Qui-gon. Dos anyone have detailed pics of him? How different is he compared to the standard figure? Also, does anyone know where I can get one of these fugures loose?
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