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    Exclamation Vaders Wrath in Dallas

    Hey there fellow Dallasians, check out the Super Target on Abrams and Walnut Hill... They had the Luke wave, Shmi wave, the new 12'' Asst. and.. AND the TIE intercepter. I was there 15 min ago and they only had 6 left. Better hurry.

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    Isn't the Tie Interceptor a TRU exclusive?

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    Talking Just visiting

    I am visiting Dallas from Los Angeles for the week and had a chance to check out the local stores. I came across some great finds today!!! I was passing through Irving on 183 and stopped by the Walmart just across from the mall and found the Shmi wave for $2.00 a piece. WOW!!!

    Then I hit the Super Target in the H.E.B. area (Precinct Line) and scored the new Vader for $5.86. And just when I thought it couldn't get any better, I look down and find five B-Wings on clearance for $27.90 each!!! WOW!!!

    Some of the TRU's around there have several Invasion Force vehicles for a low $1.97 too. Jar Jar with cannon, and Battle Droid with small tank. What a day!!! WOW!!!


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