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    Where exactly is the "armada"?

    This is something that has always bugged me about The Transformers: The Movie.

    The Decepticon invasion force that attacks Autobot City is rather tiny to cause as much damage as they do: Megatron, six Seeker jets, six Constructicons, Soundwave and five tapes (though only four see action, for some reason), three Insecticons, and two Triple Changers.

    So, after the battle, they're en route back to Cybertron in Astrotrain (since, though he called Starscream an idiot for not thinking of pulling the Trojan horse bit, Megatron was apparently an idiot since it appears he just abandoned the Decepticon starship somewhere in deep space). But this load is too heavy for Astrotrain, and several dying Decepticons are jetissoned: Megatron, Thundercracker, Skywarp, Bombshell, Kickback, and Shrapnel.

    After drifting for some indeterminate (but seemingly quite short) time, they find themselves confronting Unicron. When Megatron accepts Unicron's offer to restore him in exchange for destroying the Matrix, he says something quite interesting:

    "These will be your new minions: Scourge, the tracker, and his huntsmen, the Sweeps. Cyclonus and his armada."

    Now, super-powered or not, we're dealing with a pretty freaking small force here. Hardly a squadron, much less an armada.

    Scourge has two Sweeps, and using the term "huntsmen" doesn't seem at all wrong. But why does Unicron refer to some random Cyclonus lookalike, who doesn't even warrant a name and who isn't even seen again, as an "armada"?

    And why do I care?
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    I figured the Decepticons came in on Astrotrain, when he was full of energon. But after the battle he wasnt in such great shape to be carrying a heavy load. Stretching it, but thats how it works in my mind. Unicron doesnt grant him much of an armada, i agree, its only like four generic ships. And i do believe the Dinobots (Slag?) shoots one down while they are boarding the Autobot escape shuttle.
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    It just left Spain and is heading toward England.

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    How the heck is there room for the Constructicons to merge into Devastator inside Astrotrain?

    You see Decepticons kind of squatting in there before the fight scene.

    That always bugged me.
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