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    Djas Puhr: Alien Banjo Player

    I finally found a Djas Puhr figure at WM this morning, and I have to say that I am more impressed with it that I thought I would be. The sculpt is very good and the more neutral pose will make him fit in nicely with the neutrally-posed POTF and POTJ Cantina aliens. The guns, as someone here stated before, are really flimsy, but I'll keep 'em holstered, anyway. I give this figure an A+.

    Anyone else notice the strange position of this figure's fingers? He's got 3 fingers and a thumb on each hand, and they're kind of contorted, like he should hold a guitar or banjo -- and his wrists are articulated to allow for it. I can't look at him now without thinking he's pickin' and grinnin'.

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    Arghhh... The Djas Puhr figure is still not here yet!! This is sickening!! All I can do is hear how good it is!! I'm jealous!! But at least I got my Palpatine, Ani Tatooine and Darth training... So I guess I can't complain much!
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    I thought he was supposed to be kind of cat-like and that maybe that was his duclaw. He does look banjo ready though!

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    Yeah .... I just noticed that!!
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    please don't start doing the dueling banjos bit...I don't think we could take that.

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    C'mon, tjovonovich. We could pretend-play 'Deliverance,' Star-Wars style. Instead of hostile, musically talented, inbred mountain folk, we could have hostile, musically talented Cantina aliens.

    Wonder who'd play Ned Beatty's part... hmmm...

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    Inbred Cantina aliens!?! How could you tell the difference between them. Would it be like the two aliens talking at the cantina (one had alien hands and one had human hands).


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    Yea I can hear the model nodes now, walking to differnt sides of the stage, the crowd cheering as one side started that slow twang, then looking over to the other, and the other side picking the tempo up just a little more...

    this is going down the wrong road real fast

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    that is a odd setup for a bounty hunter.

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    A Banjo Player?! Great, now all we need are Bounty Hunters who can play a jug and a triangle.
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