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    New Plans for the site of the World Trade Center- like any?

    Several firms have unveiled possible ways to develop the site of the former World Trade Center. View them here:

    Several preserve the "footprints" of the twin towers. In one plan, the footprints would be filled with water. They all contain different buildings of differing heights, but nothing near 110 stories.

    I personally like the buildings on Plan 4 (memorial garden) but I also like the idea of pools or fountains in the footprints.

    What does everyone think about these different plans?
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    They're kind of hard to really visualize, but I do like the last one "Promenade" or whatever. Most remeniscent of the original site while adding park area, something needed on southern Manhattan.

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    Saw this on the news earlier today while all of you guys were probably sleeping. I'm glad something is being planned. I'm glad there will be buildings and some kind of memorial site. I just don't like the shapes these buildings make. There's nothing distinctive about them. They could be anywhere or anything. I don't think these buildings are a fitting tribute. I think all these plans are ugly from what I've seen so far.
    I'm probably going to get told to butt out here, it's not my country, not my problem, yadda yadda yadda. heard it all before and it does concern me. There were enough of my fellow countrymen lost in the towers that day to warrant my opinions being valid here. I'd like this to be a fitting tribute to those of my country who perished too. And all those other countries who also lost sons and daughters. In a sense this site represents not only the gateway - true gateway to America, but the many races and diverse lifestyles that make up America in the modern world. It's the fist in the air of defiance. It needs this site to be a strong statement but also open and enclosed all at the same time. Like a crown. The closest to that would be the promenade choice. While it doesn't have the footprints of the towers it does have the boldest statement of defiance in the echoes the design holds of what was there before. It's the best overall use of the space. In terms of getting business back again it has what looks to be the largest amount of usable office space. There's enough green space there for it to be a contemplative space around the buildings. that promenade design It just calls out to me. I know a lot of folk want the footprints to remain but i don't see anyone forgetting this chapter of history in a hurry. The very fact of actually building there again is testament to the day so many gave their lives. I'm sure that they would want life to carry on not stop to dwell on their passing. It's a moot subject that will raise emotions all over again and I certainly do not want to fight with anyone over a dumb opinion of mine. I'm just sayin' it how I see it. Fell free to ignore me. I'm just a dumb crazy Brit, what do i know?

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    I like the memorial park, with the obelisk in the green. I think that's pretty cool.

    As soon as I heard rumblings of building anew there, I thought they should build a series of buildings in a circle, each one taller than the last, like steps up to the sky, with a memorial statue on top of each one commemorating the various people that gave their lives. For example, one would have a Police officer, a Firefighter, an airline pilot, and a plain clothes man and/or woman. The only logistical problem would be the fact that it would mark a ranking of importance to those that were commemorated on the tallest, and a decending order of importance from that, but I doubt that it would happen anyway. I just like the idea of big statues.

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    I hear you Jargo. I always felt the World Trade Center was the perfect name for the site. Whenever I saw the towers I couldn't help but feel a sense of power, as though there was nothing beyond human ingenuity. In that sense, I always felt like you do, that the towers belonged to the world. I hope that the new buildings, however they look, recapture that feeling for me.
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    They should just rebuild the two towers, what's so bad about that? IIRC, they have stated they don't want to rebuild the towers exactly like they were because they're afraid they could be targets again, well that's a big contradiction to all these "don't give into fear" speeches.

    Everything's a target, they were just convient.
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    What makes those same people think that anything the come up with as a replacement won't be a target as well? It's not the size that drew them there it was what they stood for.

    I would like to see a couple of evolutions to the proprosed plans. Put out a couple ideas, hear what the people have to say and go back to the drawing board. I'm hearing a lot of people like the idea of preserving the towers footprints (myself included) but I would also like to see something that would restore the skyline of downtown Manhattan. Don't give us a couple short buildings, give us something that reaches the clouds. This time just put some guns or missles on top. That should make them think twice about do that again.
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    I like concepts 1 and 2.
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    I voted on the site for the memorial park. The buildings didn't really impress me, but I like the obelisk memorial better than the footprints. As far as the buildings, I liked the cylindrical one, but hope they get over the "we don't want to be a giant target for airplanes" complaint, and build a 100+ story building that dominates the skyline again. Best way I can think of to show terrorists and other America / Western culture haters that we won't give in to them.
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    [color=dark-blue]I don't really like any of them.
    My plan: Have four towers, set it the corners of a square. Have the towers rise up, and gradually slope into a square structure, set up off the ground, that slopes up to a point.


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