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    Hey buddy, this is the "Just Found" section. You can't just pop in here and ask questions like you bad.

    Oh, and I think that sectioning by states might be a tad unnecessary. By now, most of the states/cities represented by the posters have a thread (i.e. Atlanta, Orlando, West L.A., etc.). I like that when, for example, the L.A. posters add that they just found the new X-wing Luke wave, it scrolls to the top. Then say Vermont does the same, then Virgina...I know to keep an eye out here in Atlanta. I don't know.....I'm with whatever you decide to always works out.

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    How about breaking down this forum by time zones or by regions of the country or world.

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    Instead of all fifty states

    Would these folders be in alphabetical order? Or would the state with the most recent post be the one listed first?

    How about breaking down by U.S. region: Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, Northwest, Southwest. This would be more of an immediate read on which area is finding toys - rather than having to sift through 50 folders. Well, 49, since Iowa doesn't really count!

    Simplicity does no harm - that is why I like the current Just Found section the way it is. Subset upon subset would be a little too much in navigation terms. I would definitely keep a 'general' section in addition to whatever you are scheming.

    ALSO, what about SSGs international users?

    Keep the Just Found section. But in addition to the current section, have a Regional section.

    When a user posts a thread or reply to the Just Found section, the user can opt to have a duplicate post automatically placed into another folder that reflects the User ID's location (city and/or state must be entered in user's profile). This can be done with a clickable button, "Place into XYZ Folder?"

    For example: I am from Washington D.C. So when I respond to a post in the general section, my reply would automatically be posted in the Northeast U.S. section folder - if I instructed SSG server to do so by selecting this button.
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    Originally posted by master jedi
    I think it's a good idea even though there would be no posts in the Iowa section.
    Don't fret none MJ! I'll post phony stuff to keep you company.
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    Originally posted by Mandalorian Candidat

    Don't fret none MJ! I'll post phony stuff to keep you company.

    If this section were to be broken down by state may I be the moderator of the Iowa one? There would hardly be anything to do since there are only 2 or 3 people here that I know of that are from Iowa.

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    If the Just Found section will be sectioned off by each of the states, I'd recommend that you include one for the 51st state, aka Canada.

    Sorry, I just had to say it
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    If this section were broken down by state, everyone could tell which states are the best and worst for distribution. You could all have fun seeing how long it takes for ANYTHING to FINALLY show up in the stores in Texas.
    At least I now know that Iowa is actually worse off than we are!
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