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    What do you think about breaking this section down by states?
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    I think it would be good. Yeah... it would make the section HUGE, but I think that finding the information would be easier. That way I won't have to get all upset when I see what every other state is getting and we're missing out on here in Ohio!!!!
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    Well, either way is okay with me.

    I'm not sure about others, but I do enjoy reading about what other people are finding elsewhere. I then have an idea if the new stuff is coming to a store near me.

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    Re: Question

    Originally posted by SirSteve
    What do you think about breaking this section down by states?
    So are you talking about having one large "just found" section broken down into subsections for each state and then threads in each one?

    If you go ahead with it, please leave a 'General' section where it's not location specific. Sometimes it's nice just to read that people are starting to find new waves come out or are finding that things are being put on clearance at a particular nationwide retail chain.
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    Yes, it would be a huge listing BUT I have something else in mind. Let me see if it'll work before I say anything.

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    I try to use this section to narrow down my hunting expeditions. If I see here that a new wave has hit at a Target in Colorado, my main focus for hunting will be the Targets in my area. If the section is broken up by state (as some are now) I need to look through every thread to try and find what I am looking for. I would prefer some kind of "New Item" or "Specific Item" threads. One thread could be "All Maul/Luke Deluxe findings here", or "Eeopies on the internet", or "Older Clearance Items", something like that.

    Just a thought...

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    I think it's a good idea even though there would be no posts in the Iowa section.

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    If you break it down by states may be the moderator of the Iowa section please.

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    I think it is a good idea in principle, but I am guessing it would be too congested with all 50 states, plus subsections for each state.

    I like MandCand's idea of keeping a general section, cuz a lot of collectors are interested in finds in other parts of the country. I'll probably never visit Iowa in my liftetime, but I'll check the thread to see what the rest of the country is finding.
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    I don't like it...

    I read this section to get an idea of how the new stuff is finding its way across the country. If I have to check 49 different sections, I'll simply stop using these forums. Don't do it. If it ain't broke.... y'know?
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