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    Better Royal Guard

    Who would say that the Saga Royal Guard is better than the POTF2 one? I need a couple and I'm not sure which to get.
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    Go with the Saga one. The POTF2 one is ok, but in comparing the two its like night and day. The POTF2 one is a total salt shaker, no legs at all. The Saga one is a huge improvement.

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    The saga one is defintely better... I personally got some of those for display myself!!
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    ok.. the POTF2 one has a very cool crimson colour but the saga one is more of a bright red, I definitely prefer the colour on the POTF2 version.
    I have 3 POTF and 2 saga ones, the POTF2 one is ridiculously tall, it's taller than vader!
    The saga one is more in scale and it's got good poseability.. but the dodgy thing with the saga one is the paint from the force pike rubs off on the palm.
    It's like that on both of mine and I heard on these forums that it happened with other people.
    To be honest, you can't really go wrong with both of them... they're both cool but in their own ways.

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    I personally prefer the vintage ones. The force pikes that come with the Saga Guards are movie-accurate, but I think the vintage guards look nicer than any of the other ones out there. You can pick up loose ones on ebay for around $5-7 each.

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    I prefer the saga guards. I have 6 of them and they look very cool lined up with Vader, The Emperor or Chancellor Palpatine.
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    Saga definitely!!!!! I really dig this figure way more than the POTF2 version.

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    I'd go with Saga, I love them! I can't find any more then the one I have though .
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    The Saga version is very nice, and I would always go with the one with more articulation (ie; Saga)
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    I've always liked the POTF2 Royal Guard.


    No, serioulsy! Yes, he has just a little more articulation than a standard chess piece But for displays, he's perfect!


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