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    What POTJ figures are left in your area?

    Refer to the title. In my area, there aren't any. I bought the last Bespin Guard, now the stores are out. Maybe TRU would still have some...It's such a mess right now they could be hidden somewhere. So, who's left in your area? Actually, I found an orange card POTF Lando (The original one) in some drug store place...But I was out of money.
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    well although the tru here in france had no POTJ at all, the Final Duel Darth Maul is now in EVERY tru in a huge bin with about 30 other FD mauls priced at 5 euro (~5$) and that's the clearence price for an old fig while you guys (I mean in the US) only have to pay about that much for the brand new figs
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    I still see a TON of POTJ stuff around me.

    All 4 Episode 2 Preview figs
    The whole FX-7 wave
    The R2-Q5 wave minus R2-Q5
    Bespin Guard
    Fan's Choice 1
    Coruscant Guard
    The Emperor's Wrath Vader wave
    Eeth Koth

    There's probably more that I can't remember, but you can see they are still out there!

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    Most stores in my area have the Lando wave, minus R2-Q5 of course. As well as the leftovers from the FX-7 wave. Media Play, an entertainment super store for those who don't know, had a bunch of the BoShek wave and a few AOTC preview figs too, but sadly they are priced at $7.99 each. Other than that, most are gone, with the occaisional deluxe mixed in for fun.
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    All we have here are, Ketwol, Bespin Leia, Chewie Mechanic, Bespin Guard, Duros and Shmi.

    Never saw the last 3 waves in Canada at retail stores at all.
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    Eeth Koth, Zutton, Shmi, Bespin, Elors, Leia and Anaman.

    Hoping to bump into a stash of preview Clone Troopers...

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    Lando, Jar Jar Tatooine, Tessek, and (strangely, at one Wal-Mart only) three full pegs of Tusken Raiders.

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    It varies. Some places don't have any at all. I've seen:

    Bespin Guard
    Anniversary 2 packs

    One TRU still has Episode 1 Darth Mauls.
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    I've seen

    Bespin Guard
    Bacta Luke

    I have also found
    1 Teebo
    1 Chewbacca Mechanic at K-Mart

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    Northern New Jersey

    Bespin Guard
    Eeth Koth
    Rebel Trooper
    Imperial Officer


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