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    oh, aklay here either. i really want him! and the reek and the nexu to complete my jedi arena diorama
    Sampsonite! i was way off!

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    wow some people still havent found yoda yet? i saw one today and i live in canada so its kinda hard to find anything considering i FUNALLY found dooku and bespin vader today YAY
    "Not again! Obi-Wan's gonna kill me!"-Anakin Skywalker

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    No acklay here either.
    "Eat My Shorts"-Bart Simpson
    "I SEE YOU''-Sauron the Dark Lord
    -Maul- l_l

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    Still waiting for ALL OF THAT STUFF! I guess I'm just not hitting at the right times. Leaving work at 12:30 PM is a pain.

    "Street Music" (Directed by JD Marlow) is a documentary short about performance in public spaces, focusing on NYC street and subway musicians. Check out my web site for more information about the film!

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    i just found today the chewbacca, djas puhr, palpatine waves. i got one of each carded for my collection. i still have yet to find yoda or count dooku. but i know if i wait it out, i will find them. i heard they are suppose to ship with the next wave, hopefully.
    Lok: Who are you?
    Oobie: I am Oobedoob Benubi. I have the silliest name in the galaxy.
    Lok: What's your middle name?
    Oobie: Scoobi-Doobi.
    Lok: Oobedoob Scoobi-Doobi Benubi?

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    you heard right, thumb wars.
    Sampsonite! i was way off!

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    LOL Hango you don't have any of the 3 arena beasts!

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    we have then nexu, but are waiting on the reek.
    Sampsonite! i was way off!

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    Huh? Dude, the reek is like the most common AOTC toy I know of! They don't have any where you are?

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    i mean that we are waiting on buying it. they are everywhere her too, but shrinking in population. they must be a slowly dieing breed!!
    Sampsonite! i was way off!


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