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    Top 5 Jabba's Palace

    Here's the figures I'd most like to see from Jabba's Palace

    4.Ree Yees
    3.Yarna D'al Gargan
    2.Hermi Odle
    1.C-3PO with grease on chest

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    1. Kithaba from prisoner skiff
    2. Han (as he looked on the skiff, blowing hair and all)
    3. Jedi Luke (with special articulation for his 'goodbye salute')
    4. Weequay the second one from the prisoner skiff
    5. Nikto from prisoner skiff

    BTW, Oola and Ree-Yees have already been made fairly well in the POTF2 line. I could see how Oola could possible be improved upon, but Ree-Yees? That is one awesome figure!
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    Just slap a blob of green paint on a regular 3PO'S chest, and bam, theres your C3P0 with grease on chest. We do desperatley need a new Jedi Luke. I would also like to see J'Quille, Sergeant Doallyn,& D'al Gargan.
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    Thumbs up

    1. Klatu
    2. Nikto Rancor Keeper
    3. The black human guard
    4. Hermi Odle
    5. Bubo of course
    As always...........L

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    1. Resculpt of Oola
    2. Yarna
    3. black guard pushed by Boushh
    4. 3PO with green goop on him
    5. resculpt of Ree-Yees

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    Actually now that I realize that these choices should be Jabba's Palace characters not Skiff guards I will choose the biggest chunks of plastic I can think of, starting with:

    1. Jabba himself with throne and fanning Jawa and a resculpted Salacious Crumb accessory (hard to refer to Salacious as an action figure) and pipe and bowl with little paddy frogs in the bowl.
    2. Hermi Odle
    3. Yarna Da'l Gargan
    4. Cane Adiss- the two headed giraffe, sure he wasn't in the movie but I've seen him in enough making-of photos that he seems right at home.
    5. Gamorrean Guard resculpt- more accurate to the film and with those pikes the entrance guards used (y'know the ones they clanged together when Luke walked up).
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    Lets see:

    1. Jabba The Hutt
    2. Boba Fett, Jabba's Palace (new paint,new sculpt etc)
    3. Rapettunie (Spelling?)
    4. R2 D2 with Luke Hologram
    5. Gamorrean Guard

    My versions of the characters would be cool as anything!
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    Ahhh...look Hasbro! See anything you haven't made yet? Like Jabba? Yarna? hello? Hasbro?
    By the way, thanks for Ephant Mon. it's a start.

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    1. Luke Jedi knight
    2. bib Fortuna
    3. Lando Skiff gaurd
    4. Generic skiff gaurd
    5. fat dancer girl


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