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    Talking Happy Birthday David Hasslehoff!

    The greatest actor in the world turns a spry 50 years old today.

    he doesn't look a day over 30 if you ask me.

    Today also marks the 100th anniversary of Air Conditioning.

    That means for every year of Hasslehoff, there's been two of AC.

    I think we should all celebrate by cranking the climate control and bowing down to the Hassle'tars.
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    it's time to celebrate [dave's] birthday
    it happens once a year
    we eat a lot of broccoli
    and drink a lot of beer

    (apologies to weird al)
    [font=courier]"looks like i could use some fabric softener"[/font]

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    It hurts, it hurts! Make it stop!

    You remember me, don't you? Don't forget about Dwight Schultz!

    And a big wet one for Micheal Knight.

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    Rock the casbah and slap aunt shirley!!! It's David Hasselhoff's birthday, so go get drunk!

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    Happy birthday Micheal Long....oops, I mean Micheal Knight...oops, I mean Garth Knight...dang it, Mitch Buchannon. you know who you are.

    ps: I know Micheal Long wasn't played by DH, I just thought it went along with the theme.
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    Happy Birthday David Hasselhoff, hopefully you will see many more.
    By the power of Hasselhoff!!!

    MTFBWY and HH!!

    Jar Jar Binks
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    I'm leaning towards the cooler AIRWOLF right now. Jan Michael Vincent/Stringfllow Hawk has so much more going for him than Poopy Hasselhoff, Stringfellow Hawk plays the Cello. Sensitive and deep and tough as they come. AIRWOLF is a cooler instrument of justice then Kitt since it doesn't have an annoying voice chit chattering. Instead AIRWOLF has Ernest Borgnine/Dominic Santini HURRAH!!!!! how could that not out cool Hasselhoff. and a huge arsenal of weapons and gadgets

    And not forgetting my hero of the day - Alex Cord: Archangel. Or Michael Goldsmith Briggs III as he's better known to those who - know him...

    Bow down before the glory that is Jan Michael. Y'know ya wanna.

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    WHAT - ever!!! Does he have a watch that he can talk to his stupid "helicopter" with??? I don't think so. KITT is so smart that even when no one is around, he still has witty comments to make! Like when the tiger was on top of him, he said, "Animal rights is one thing, but this is ridiculous..."!!!! KITT rocks your face off!!!

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    what is this sudden intrest in david hasslehoff?? he's not that good of an actor. i admit the knightruder serise was a favorite of mine as a kid, but have you gone back and watched any of this since then??? it's totally lame!! it is soooo cheesey that there isn't a big enough bottle of wine to go with it!!!
    Lok: Who are you?
    Oobie: I am Oobedoob Benubi. I have the silliest name in the galaxy.
    Lok: What's your middle name?
    Oobie: Scoobi-Doobi.
    Lok: Oobedoob Scoobi-Doobi Benubi?

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    Ah. And thereby is the rub my friend, thereby is the rub...

    AIRWOLF will just blow you out the window with air to surface missiles - heat seeking missiles. Explosive ones... that make a loud bang when they explode. Kitt is history. But i have a more evil 'tar planned for later this week........


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