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Thread: my dream

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    my dream

    we all know that 2007 is the 30 year anniversary of Star Wars. Maybe that year they could rerelease all 6 movies in theatres 2 at a time, and they could be watched as a double feature show. At the same time, Hasbro could start a new definitive Star Wars universe line, that would encompass all 6 movies plus the EU. The first year toys would probably have to be like the new Saga toys are, meaning they are more for the kids than collectors, but the 2nd year and subsequent years would strictly be for us. There will unfortunately probably be a time, when Hasbro stops making Star Wars toys. But this new line could be a "thank you" of sorts to those of us that collect. They would make EVERYBODY, the line doesn't end until everyone is made. They would be careful, have no errors, no variations (no bloody arm Luke and Ponda, and then no bloody arms, make em all bloody), make the figures look accurate, and they'd have to be scaled accurately (all Chewbacca figures should be taller than all Hans, etc.) Everybody completely resculpted. All the vehicles, beasts, playsets.

    They should allow us to vote on the packaging and possibly the design of the figures.

    The Jedi could come with robes that come off, and be articulated to hold their lightsabers with both hands. The council members could come like the new Cantina bar sets, they'd all have their chair, and could sit in them. The figures would fit in their vehicles.

    I think that'd be great, plus we could still collect the Star Wars figures for a long time.

    What do you guys think?

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    they shouldn't wait with perfect figures till 2008 but should start making them from NOW on
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    I'm reminded of a particular Yakface Q&A...

    7. My buddy and I were talking recently, trying to predict how much life is left in the Hasbro figure line based on the original Star Wars trilogy. I said a year, maybe two. I can hardly come up with a list of 10 action figures that haven't been done yet: General Dodonna, the Tonnika Sisters, Hem Dazon and a handful of other droids and aliens. What's your thought? How much life is left in the line based on the original trilogy and who would you like to see made?


    Well, that depends on your own point of view.

    Right now, Star Wars seems somewhat sluggish. Sure, we're getting more figures faster than before, and we're getting stuff we ask for that we never would have expected back in 1995. But these things aren't selling like they were a few years ago, and that's not necessarily a good thing. If the interest always drops right off shortly after the new movie, there's a very good chance the line will be dead by 2006.

    However, there are some other variables to look at. Episode II is in 2002, Episode III is in 2005, and Episode IV's 30th Anniversary is in 2007. Depending on how much Hasbro spreads out classic releases, and how much stuff they crank out initially for the final new movie, there's really no reason why the line couldn't last until 2008 or 2009, depending on how long Hasbro wants to keep making these things.

    Of course, there's always the wild cards-- made-for-TV projects or toys based on the Expanded Universe could always take off, and that could inject a little more lifespan into the line, but it's hard to tell. At any given time over the past few years, I think a fan would have said exactly what you said: it's hard to come up with 10 action figures that haven't been done. But depending on how much you like your obscurity, I can come up with dozens. Pod Racers, Jedi Masters, Cantina Aliens, Jabba's Palace residents, Rebel Pilots, Imperial Officers, the Jedi Luke resculpt everybody is asking for, new Ewoks, General Madine, Imperial Dignitaries, background characters from Episode One... there's a bunch. Many of which actually stand a chance of being made, and more surprisingly, selling. I mean, if they're willing to do BoShek, there should be more Ewoks in the next few years.

    If Hasbro manages Star Wars properly, asks the fans the right questions, sells them at the right prices, and doesn't scare us off by releasing too much junk at once or hard-to-find items, there's a good chance it could be around at the end of the decade instead of being given the axe after Episode III is finished.

    So it could go long, or it could fall off right around the 25th anniversary of ROTJ in 2008. It all depends on prolonged success and if Lucasfilm's licencing plans are flexible. But I agree that the success of the line is balancing the main and obscure groups of characters. Keep it fresh, rehashing things will send the line to an early grave.
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    Saga Legends should keep things afloat for awhile.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Caesar View Post
    Saga Legends should keep things afloat for awhile.
    Wow, nothing like digging up an old thread...
    Move along, move along

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    Yeah, this guys not asking for too much. He just wants everything made and made perfectly. While I think about 99% of fans could agree with this, it's just not something that's possible in the real world.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jedi master sal View Post
    Wow, nothing like digging up an old thread...
    Someone has to keep the dream alive.

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    I can hardly come up with a list of 10 action figures that haven't been done yet...
    I'm not sure if I could come up with 10 never-before-made figures that I would actually be excited to buy:

    1. ROTJ Y-Wing Pilot
    2. Kithaba - Skiff Guard
    3. Vedain - Skiff Guard
    4. Yarna
    5. Giran - Skiff Guard
    6. Mother Ewok with Wokling

    The other human Skiff Guards would be cool. I'll also buy any other Ewok that Hasbro makes.

    The rest of the droids from the "Purchase of the Droids" scene are too small to be individual figures. They'd be better as pack ins with other figures.

    As for the Cantina, I'm pretty satisfied with what Hasbro has made. It would be nice to have an honest attempt at Dr. Evazan and a new Walrusman, but that's really all I can think of.

    Which brings me to resculpts. There are several figures that I would love to see 100% all new versions of:

    1. Admiral Ackbar
    2. Gamorrean Guard
    3. DS2 Luke
    4. Mon Calamari Officer
    5. Barada
    6. Wicket
    7. Human B-Wing Pilot

    My list is ROTJ heavy but that's because that movie has been the most neglected of the films in recent years.

    Case in point, let's look at vintage remakes:

    Of the 21 original Star Wars figures only one has not been updated in the last 10 years: Walrusman

    From ESB, the list is a little bit longer at two figures:
    1. 2-1B
    2. Black Bespin Security Guard

    From ROTJ the list gets even longer:
    1. Admiral Ackbar
    2. Weequay
    3. Nien Nunb
    4. Gamorrean Guard
    5. Rancor Keeper
    6. Klaatu
    7. Nikto
    8. B-Wing Pilot
    9. EV-9D9
    10. Warok
    11. Yak Face
    12. Lumat (although Graak is really Lumat)
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    snowspeeder pilot luke
    wedge x wing pilot
    snowspeeder pilot hobbie

    all of them new sculpt!

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    nien numb
    b wing pilot
    y wing pilot

    all of them new sculpt!


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