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    Why didnt luke use his lightsaber when...

    Why didnt luke use his lightsaber in ROTJ when the Emperor was about to shock him? In AOTC we see Kenobi using his lightsaber to defend against the dark side shock of Count Dooku. So why does he just throw his saber down? He could have used it for defense. Didnt he have enough knowledge as kenobi did in AOTC?? It doesnt make sense to me....

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    Luke had defeated Vader. Palpatine wanted Luke to finish the job by killing Vader and taking his place at the Emperor's side. By tossing away his Lightsaber, he showed that he will defy the Emperor and not cross over to the Dark Side. I don't think he knew about the lightning at that point. Boy, did he find out the hard way about that.

    errr, something like that.
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    Yoda told him not to underestimate the power of the emperor. Maybe he should have listened...
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    but I wish yoda would have been more blunt: "beware the emperor you should be. shock the hell out of you he will."
    "your lightsaber do not yeild but defense you shall use it for"

    or somethin like that

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    I always liked him casting away his saber. It was brave, rash, and totally unexpected. It showed him totally trusting in himself and in the Force, "your weapons, you will need them not"
    Perhaps Luke knew somehow that he could never defeat the Emperor in combat, and he would rather die as a Jedi than be beaten into submission to the Dark Side where he would undoubtably be forced to commit all kinds of evil acts against his friends and against all that was good.
    I think it really ticked off the Emperor, it was a move that he didn't see coming. It showed that Luke did know that the power of the Dark Side was strong. He knew if he started to fight the Emperor he might be forced to give in to his anger again, and that would just put him further down the dark path...
    If I may borrow a Lord of the Rings example- kind of like Gandalf refusing to even touch the One Ring, even to help Frodo, because even touching the ring would be giving in to a temptation to do evil.
    Also, I think Obi Wan in AoTC was a far better trained Jedi than Luke and even if he'd never seen Sith lightning until then, he may have heard of it, or known how to defend against it.

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    Clearly Obi Wan was much more talented than Luke was when it comes to light sabers. A Young Obi Wan would of iced a Young Luke in seconds. Luke just didn't have proper training.
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    I agree... the Jedi of the Old Republic had a lot of experience of previous generations to go by. Luke had Yoda train him, but "Ways the Sith can kill you 101" wasn't in the lesson manual at the time. By the time it was time to tell luke that he "must confront Vader." Yoda was on death's door...

    You know Yoda was watching that battle between Luke and the Emperor saying "Damn... Forgot something I knew I did!"
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    The energizer batteries they were using just wouldn't of been able to handle it.

    In AOTC, Obi-Wan had Duracell. :happy:
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    Originally posted by MFH
    Yoda told him not to underestimate the power of the emperor. Maybe he should have listened...
    Exactly...even Darth Vader warned Luke about the Dark Side.

    Darth Vader: "You don't know the POWER of the dark side!"

    Darth Vader: "You are unwise to lower your defenses!"

    Darth Vader: "You underestimate the power of the dark side...if you will not fight...then you will meet your destiny!"

    I honestly think that Luke didn't know about Sith lightning until he was shocked by the Emperor. I agree with...Wookiee who stated that Luke was trusting in himself and in the force....and all of the other good points I might add.
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    It seems clear that the dark side is, to a point more powerful than the light. Think about it. Dooku had his way with Obi Wan and Aniken. Would of killed them both with no problem if not for Yoda. Yoda who is by far the greates of the Jedi had his way with Dooku (to a point).

    I think Dooku could of killed any of the Jedi in a one on one battle (except Yoda). Since The Dark Side has so much more power he would have over matched any of them. Since it's quicker and easier the students of the Dark Side learn without gaining the respect for the knowlege. Yoda says that Dooku has grown strong and that he sences the Dark Side with in him. Dooku more than likely was not as powerful when he was part of the Jedi Order.

    So a sith would learn lightning and what not much faster than a Jedi and thus use it on those who cannot defend it. Since there is only one sith learning he has all the advantages. Dooku learned more becasue he was being taught on a one on one basis. Sideous doesn't have to bother teaching other students or waste time teaching about right and wrong and the likes.
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