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    What were some of the rarer 12 inch figures?

    What are some of the rarer 12 inch figures made since 1995 and please do separate listing for multipacks and individual figures.

    What Han Endor a pretty rare figure 1 to a case of something like that? I wasn't into them at all back then.

    Please go post here If you WANT A HERMI ODLE FIGURE!!

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    I believe the KB exclusive Han/Luke in Stormtrooper disguise is the rarest, followed by the set of 6 Cantina Figs from Walmart.

    The other rare sets would be the first two FAO Schwarz sets, Tarkin/Death Star Gunner & Jedi Luke/Bib Fortuna. Target's Hoth Luke/Wampa set is also pretty rare.

    The rare single figs would be all those that came one per case. They are:
    Ben Kenobi
    Barqin D'an
    Endor Han
    Chewie in chains

    Other rare exclusives are:
    JC Penney exclusive Greedo
    Service Merch. exclusive At-At- Driver
    Hoth Princess Leia

    This entire set was difficult to find:
    Boss Nass
    Pilot Anakin

    Darth Maul could also be considered rare, but I think that would be more due to scalpers than anything else.

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    I never even saw a Boss Nass in my area but there were plenty of Sebulba's. In fact one of the local Walmarts just put out another case of them a week or so ago. They must have found them tucked away somewhere.
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    Nass and Sebulba came out? Sheesh, I missed that one....

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    Well, being mostly a collector of the 12" Star Wars I know for sure these were rare, and I did have them until I had to sell them a few months ago on eBay.
    The Jedi-Luke and Bib Fortuna FAO Schwarz 2-Pack - only sold at FAO Schwars toy stores.
    The Kay-Bee toy store 3-pack of Luke-Tatooine, Leia as Boussh, and Bespin- Han Solo
    The Diamond Comics Exclusive Sandtrooper with the orange shoulder pad
    Those I did have, but needed the money and had to part with them. I still do have the Service Merchandise Hoth-Leia. I can't part with that one. I do have most all of the regular 12" all the way back to when they re-did them in 1996.
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    I skipped on the Boss Nass and Sebulba. I only saw the first regular Tatooine Anakin. Should've got him, but didn't. Even when Wal-Mart was clearing him out for only $6.00. Oh well. I do have the 12" Darth Maul, Obi-Wan, and Qui-Gon Jinn from Episode I.
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    To me, the rarest were those that comes with the big packaging like the Dewback 12" set and Scout Trooper 12" Set cos they are to big to ship and my local dealers are reluctant to bring them in.

    The hardest so far to find would be the 12" Anakin with Theed Hangar Droid, Han Endor, CS Boba Fett.

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    Ah yes....I forgot about the exclusive Diamond Comics Sandtrooper. They were only shipped 2-4 per comics store - that was it. I was lucky enough to actually find one at an old shop I used to go to before they closed.

    I also remember some scalper trying to convince me that they weren't rare, and gonna be everywhere. Moron prob figured I'd let ihm have it for nothing, so he could jack up the price 10 times and call it rare - glad I don't sell any of my stuff.

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    Blue Snowtrooper

    anirbas12...very nice collection

    Another difficult one is the Blue Snowtrooper The last close-up pic is incomplete on this page
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    Thanks for the compliment.

    I have given up collecting variations cos do not wanna end up like collecting the Spawn series where paying crazy prices for a change in colour is just not worth my dollar.

    I love to have the toys as a hobby and people around us will never understand those beautiful childhood days can be relive when you are immersely admiring your collection.

    As my wife owns a interior design firm... she helped me to design a full height "unblock" display cabinet to house all my collection.

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