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    So...about the Koto Vader...

    You know the 1/7 scale one--will it have a light up saber? The pics make it look that way, although I guess that could be photoshop or tricks of the light. T'would be nice though...

    Hmm...1/7th scale...That's not too far off now is it?? Anyone thinking this will do until the Marmit becomes a reality? Heh, even if it is a lot bigger, you can just push it back some and go for a perspective display!

    If this Vader's Saber lights up, I gotta get me one 'a those!

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    Who or what is Koto Vader and were could I find these pictures.
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    looks good, but isn't 1/7th scale about 10 inches? too small and too expensive for me to pay $100 for a statue.

    check the main page for photos.

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    Originally posted by derek
    looks good,
    The right headsize for your body swapping, eh?

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    naw, i couldn't do that. i'd mess it up. i felt bad enough cutting up a terminator vinyl figure to transfer that head. no way i'd cut up this vader.

    but i did find a 1/6th scale vader model kit made by ertl that is the perfect size for a 12 inch body. if i ever get around to trimming the armor up and painting it, it should look pretty good.

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    I just got mine in the mail a few days ago and the saber doesn't light up.

    It is damn cool though. It has to be the best statue/model I've ever seen of Vader. And it was easy to put together - only took about 25 minutes.
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    Hey, how tall is the Vader?? I've read everything from 10" to 14". That's weird. I read that the saber was FX, which would indicate light up. If you find out that it really is and it just doesn't LOOK like it, let us know!


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