So Fox plans of making a movie about good ol' DBZ, huh? Lord, help us. And before anyone says anything, I've got four words for you: "Street. Fighter. The. Movie."

The first obstacle they're going to have to cross is character designs. How are they going to portray Goku and Vegeta's trademark hairstyles? Let's hope they don't use a molded headpiece like in the "Legacy of Goku" Game Boy commercial.

Second of all, what will the plot be? I doubt Fox's writers can come up with something on their own that "feels" like a Dragonball adventure, and if they use a plot from one of the Sagas, there's no doubt in my mind they'll add unneeded humor or something to dumb it down.

Lastly, it's all a matter of respect. In Japan, anime like DBZ is considered an artform, something artists and animators have spent years creating into something they can be proud of. Here? Nah. Fox just wants to make money off the "next big thing," so they'll slap something together and call it good so they can sell more toys and cards.

Bottom line--leave anime and anything related to those who know how it should be done.