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Thread: Treebeard

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    JarJar a bookmark maybe?...?

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    JarJar any news on Treebeard?

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    Well, just found this on (the SSG of the Tolkien world). It is a picture of the Applause vinyl figure of Treebeard (with Merry and Pippin sitting on his "shoulders" to give an idea of how big he will be in the film). Don't know how this was allowed to leak out, but I figured I had better swipe it before Petey has a chance to have it pulled.
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    Wow, that is pretty damned cool BigB. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. Though I doubt that I will collect any of the LOTR's collectibles other then Sauraman and Sauron, It's nice to see the stuff.

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    Originally posted by Geonosian
    JarJar do you think that there will be a normal figure of a "Ent warrior" the size of the other figures. Also do you think there will be smaller TB figures.
    All the Ents are roughly the same size as Treebeard ("ent" is the Saxon word for "giant") so he will probably be the only toy of that race that will be offered.

    I mainly posted that pic to give an idea of how PJ's vision of TB will look. I'm sure that he will be more detailed and rougher around the edges in the actual film. I'm just glad that he doesn't look like Ralph Bakshi's interpretation of him.

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    Is the the way Treebeard will look in the movie?
    Thanks BigB!

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    He is what we call Treefolk.
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