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    Attack of the Plastic Bubble Thingys!

    What the hell is up with Saga packaging?! I mean, the figures are practically woven into the plastic bubble! Not only that, but the figures aren't exactly "lovingly" packaged. I mean, who wants a Jedi with a bent saber? Or a Jango with a crooked antenna and blasters?

    Ah, but it's not that bad; I enjoy cutting them free of their prisons with my hobby knife.

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    i kno what you mean haha it took me FOREVER just to get my final battle jango fett out!
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    They do this mostly to avoid people opening the bubbles in the store and then ripping off the figures. Also, to those collectors that prefer to keep figures MOC it usually has the figs in a somewhat more exciting pose than can be achieved once the figures are opened.
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    Shoot, I bent one of Dooku's lightsabers, trying to get the darn thing out the package. I guess I was too excited to be careful!
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    One thing I suggest to people taking out lightsabers, try to part it from the hilt and blade first, and then you can bend the blade a little to get it out then once it's out, hold it for a little till it gets straightened back out. Without the hilt, you won't have to bend the blade as much as you would have.
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    From the thread title I thought you were referring to those bubbles they always blow at TRU that stick everywhere. What a pain those things are!
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    I thought those bubbles were awesome!
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