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    I think I brought this up once before...hmm

    But YES. I would happily pay for this bad boy. He'd be a great complimentary figure to our whiny boy Luke.
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    Besides this Biggs figure I'd want Hasbro to make Lando dressed in Hans clothes more.

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    Thumbs up

    Sorry, didn't realize you said that. ..
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    Why yes, yes I would. We covered all this in the old forums but it's doubtful that Hasbro read those these days so let's all voice again our desire for the guy with the stupidest outfit in star wars for a military outfit it sure looks stolen and from a thrift store at that. I reckon Biggs was just spinning Luke a line about the academy and was just really on R&R from the rebellion after wussing out one too many times during light skirmishes around enormous battle stations.

    I'd like to see Camie and Fixer done in a little scene like these 25th anniversary packs. With a Toshi station backdrop.
    Biggs should come on a card alone for shame.
    And his head couldn't be re-used for a Biggs X-wing with removable helmet because Garrick Hagon famously and stupidly cut his hair between the two shoots. It's longer in the Tatooine scenes and a short style in the Yavin scene. He said geekily

    Does anyone know if that scene ever had Deak or Windy in it at the beginning? They're in the book and get mentioned - or was that Tank? Anyway, was there another character at the start of the Toshi station scenes apart from the mad old woman Luke nearly knocks over?

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    I really wouldn't want to see him made,i'd rather have more important characters made,sure if Hasbro made him i'd probably buy him but his last on my list Maybe oneday?
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    Yeah, I suppose a Biggs in the Academy uniform would be kinda cool. It would be a good companion piece for "fishing hat" Luke. I guess that, since the scene was never in the film, it would be considered EU... no?
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    I still think it would make a cool cinema scene: Biggs, Camie, Fixer. I like wierd and crazy stuff like that. I think the other cinema scene in the case should be a Wookie family scene.

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    I thought Deak and Windy were in the background of that scene playing "Aqua-billiards" but they didn't have lines. I can't remember if they came outside with the otheres to look at Luke's "spacebattle" it's been a while since I watched the lost scenes...OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH ...Where's our Episode IV DVD?!!?!?

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    Originally posted by Rollo Tomassi
    ...Where's our Episode IV DVD?!!?!?

    No where! If george stays with his plan expect to see it after EP3!
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    Okay, I watched the "lost scenes" again and Deak and Windy ARE there, but are not mentioned by name. They are playing that fooseball/aquatic pool table game with Biggs when Luke runs in. Luke tells everyone about the space battle, but only Biggs, Camie, and Fixer come out with him. Also in the scene is a landspeeder with 5 engines and an R1-G4 sized droid with an R5 shaped head milling about outside the shop behind Deak and Windy.


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