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    Who's you favorite Jedi from the NJO era

    Jacen Solo rocks. He may have some problems with what he feels his role is in the force but hes the one whos keeping it all together and I think hes going to be the one who will end up saving the galaxy. Corran Horn is cool too.
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    I am really not a fan of the whole NJO "wheel spinning," as Eternal Padawan has labeled it. However, I think Tahiri is turing into quite a dynamic character; quite a change from her happy-go-lucky barefoot characterization from the Junior Jedi Knights series.
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    Yes, it seems that she has gotten more depth, after the Vong tried to turn her into one of them and especially after Anakin's death.
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    I like Anakin Solo and Tahiri,however,I am not a big fan of NJO.The series has left me disapointed.(Not saying all books in the series were bad,just most).
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    Well, I guess i have to agree that in the begging some of the books were lacking, but the last three or four have had better dialouge, and more elaborate battles including fights between the Jedi and the Yuzzhan Vong.
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    I always liked Anakin Solo. I never liked Jacen's feelings about his role in the Force -- seemed kinda lame to me.
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    I have been a huge fan of the NJO series since the beginning. My favorite Jedi would have to be Corran Horn. Ihave loved this character since the novel I, Jedi (a great read in my opinion. Even for those who are not Star Wars fans!). I loved the level of depth and characterization he was given in that book! I think he has a challenger for my choice of favorite, though, in Ganne Rhysode! I really love how far they have taken that character, and how he has changed and grown since his introduction (although he seemed horribly underused in Star by Star). On the flip-side of things, I'd have to say that I'm not terribly fond of what's been going on with Jacen up to this point in the series. I started out really liking him, but his development just seemed to stop in my opinion early on in the series, and he just seemed to become kind of whiny and pitiful to me. Hopefully, things are bout to change, which I hear may indeed be the case!

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    Not really a fan of the NJO (or any EU infact) but I'll say that Anakin Solo is my favourite!

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    I've always liked Corran Horn the best out of all the new Jedi. He's an extremely interesting and cool character.
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    Anakin bad he's not around anymore...
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