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    Which saga toy would you be?

    If you could be one of the toys made so far which one would it be?? all made so far means up to #44.

    I'd be Qui-Gon.
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    Well, I'd really want to be a Royal Guatd cos of the snazzy robes, but failing that I'd more likely be PLo KLoon (based on the likeness).
    Look - I'm Princess Leia!

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    I think being a Clone Trooper would be cool looking... But I just don't like the idea of seeing my identical brothers around!! It would feel just too weird!! If failing like Gibbspaulus I would like to be Plo Koon cause he's COOL!!
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    Darth Maul or Plo Koon because these guys are very cool
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    probably the new darth maul cause maul's always cool
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    "Fought well you have my old padawan"-Yoda

    "This is just the begining"-Count Dooku

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    Clone Trooper
    If Yoda is capable of kicking someone's @$$, imagine what a muppet could do!

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    Djas Puhr, because that it one awesome figure! I especially like the fact that he is black, his paint is just so nice.
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    HD Anakin.

    I think it'd be handy for my left hand to spin all the way around and to have the ability to remove my right forearm.
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    I would be the Acklay because I can't seem to keep my guts in.


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