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    Whats up with the extremely poor quality deluxe line?

    Anyone else notice, aside from the Nexu, how much the deluxe figures suck?
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    I think the force flipping figures are pretty bad.
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    Hasbro says it's for the kids not the collectors. So they feel that because OBVIOUSLY kids have no idea of what constitutes value for money and will be happy with substandard product they can get away with packaging shoddy goods as kids toys. Why they feel kids aren't as discerning as adults when it comes to toys I have no idea. Isn't the world of toys a kids realm? Surely kids are more discerning than adults? I know I was when I was a kid. If i was a kid now I'd be pretty piszed that Hasbro were stiffing me. I'd want the same attention to detail and quality that the product intended for the collectors has. I'd want less gimmicks and more articulation. I'd be pretty unhappy with the Anakin deluxe set that's for certain. The force flipping sets don't work and no matter what Hasbro spin says about skill and practice makes perfect the product is crap quality and the figures stink to high heaven.
    So far the Nexu is the only deluxe pack to come anywere near the quality of the POTJ deluxe packs. I'd say hasbro really needs to go and relook at what it is they're selling. If I owned the company I'd be outraged that something as poor as the force flipping sets had the company name attached to them. Awful products. Things like that harm the line and put kids off. Hasbro wants to attract a new generation of collectors they better do something better than they have so far.

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    oh come on, they deluxe aren't ALL bad... Darth Tyranus is an AWESOME sculpt! He's a better sculpt than Count Dooku - Dark Lord.
    The only bad things are the magnets on the feet, lack of a cape and the lightsaber being stuck to his hand permanently.
    But I just display my figures and he looks damn cool.
    Deluxe Anakin is ok but I hate soft goods and soft plastic, Hangar Duel is the best Anakin yet.

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    I think the Deluxe line is getting better with the Nexu, Yoda and 3PO. The flipping figures just weren't my thing (and certainly not worth the $$). I wonder why Hasbro didn't lower their prices by a buck or so when the regular figure prices dropped?

    Deluxe Anakin is nice if it wasn't for the vinyl vest... the hacked up alien is certainly pretty cool (and something many of us never would have expected to get made, it's so gruesome!)

    If they could just drop them down to about 8 bucks, I think I'd have more than just the Nexu and Mace.

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    Yeah, the Deluxe figures do suck, except for Nexu, which is inexplicably awesome. I'm dying to see how the new Deluxe C3-PO is. They only reason the Deluxe Dooku is better than the non-deluxe version is because that figure REALLY stinks! Dooku must be the most needed AOTC re-sculpt. It's pretty bad that we need a re-sculpt only a few months after the originals came out!

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    I like Deluxe Mace more than Mace with a hernia.

    The force flipping figures are great for one thing - Refridgerator dueling!
    "Hokey packaging and ancient gimmicks are no match for good detail on your figure, kid."
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    Basically I too think that the deluxe flipping figures especially are just bad and are just made just for sales purposes... I'm sure there would be collectors or kids who would still buy them... SIGH!!
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    I know the deluxes aren't the greatest. But none of the deluxe lines since '95 have ever flown off the shelves. I still think the Yoda deluxe will be awesome.

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    I think you are spot on on that!! The Yoda w force deluxe looks pretty nifty!! But I must say the yoda looks slightly smaller than the non-deluxe Yoda... I only saw the deluxe set... yet to buy it yet!

    "It was just a little story outline with bits and pieces," -- George Lucas


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