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    Originally posted by DeadEye
    You've made your point, Jonna,...I guess you don't take me seriously either.
    It has nothing to do with taking you seriously, Deadeye. I am merely posting comments that I think will help in one way or another. As for the last post, I was just trying to avoid fights taking place.

    For Example:

    Bill: You smell.
    Deadeye: No, Bill! You smell.
    Jonna: I have a helmet made of meat! Look at me, look at me! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
    Bill: Jonna's a nut! Lets go laugh at him and throw things.
    Deadeye: Ya let's do that instead of fighting.
    *Action* Bill and Deadeye hug and steal Jonna's helmet to make meatball ammo and then begin to pelt him with it and then say Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

    When I first started posting on this forum, there was a minimum of fights and they were fun to participate in. But now it seems as though everything turns into a fight and everyone has to tip-toe around so as not to upset anyone else. When I start to become the voice of reason, you know that the fruit is rotten.

    I know a few of you probably think that I am nuts, but I know exactly what I am doing. Now back to the thread topic........

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    I already think you're nuts and the voice of reason which makes no sense I know but hey what do you want from me?
    I AM apparently wearing a meat helmet.

    and like the man said back to topic...

    I'm going to see 8 legged freaks next week, no more waiting.
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    When you're a kid and you wanna go weeeeeeeeeeee , and you ain't got drugs yet...
    "Roger Nasty Butler!"

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    I havent found time to go see it
    A pill To Make you numb
    a pill to make you dumb
    a pill to make you anybody else
    but all the drugs in this world wont save her from herself

    the chorus form Marilyn Mansons "Coma White"

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    I aim on seeing that movie.

    Jonna, do you like smoke or something as you post here? You're always like, "WEEEEE! A meat helmet growing off a purple tree!"

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    HEY! I never mentioned anything about "purple tree(s)".

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    if you have not seen heat, how do you know portman was "winey" in that movie(your words in another post)? did ya just fast forward to her parts, or did she tell you?

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    It all falls apart. The center can not hold.

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    My pal Greg saw heat and said she was whiney in that movie, plus Natalie told me she was instructed to be an annoying little b*tch.

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    This is off-subject, but I've not seen Eight Legged Freaks and Heat is one of the best films I've ever seen. (And I have to defend ET's honor!)

    I wouldn't say Natalie was whiney in that movie, and I didn't see her character as annoying. Her mother was a complete nutbar, which drove her to the edge, and the only stable person in her life is Al Pacino (I don't remember if he's her mother's boyfriend or husband), whose relationship with her mother is falling apart because he's a workaholic. I'd highly recommend it; any movie with Natalie, Al Pacino, Robert DeNiro, Val Kilmer, Ashley Judd, Hank Azaria, and Henry Rollins has to be good!

    I loved ET as a kid, and as a teenager sort of "grew out of it." But watching it as an adult was like watching a completely different movie. There's so much richness that's lost on the kids (who are still completely captivated by it).

    BTW, I wouldn't consider myself a paleontological expert by any means, though I can't get my hands on enough dinosaur info. I think 'narky was referring to my tirade on the old forums about the problems with JP3, not the least of which was the complete implausibility of a Spinosaurus not getting royally trounced by a T-Rex.
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