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    Originally posted by JarJarBinks
    Yaaaaay!! Back on Topic!!

    Glad you liked the movie Deoxyribonucleic. Was the cat scene near the beginning as great as I said it was, like 4-5 pages ago?

    MTFBWY and HH!!

    Jar Jar Binks
    OOOOOOOOOOOohhhh TOTALLY! I LOVED the spider indentation that was made in the drywall...the cat indentations were funny too, but that spider one was hilarious! I'm really glad I went to see it AND I spent 9 bucks on it and I definitely believe it was worth every penny!
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    Thumbs down

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    Originally posted by SID
    Sorry, I have to dismiss any review that only contains the word "sucked" or similar. It's not even an intelligent review. You definatly arn't going to convince anyone that it sucked just by saying that. How about a lil more in depth of a review.

    MTFBWY and HH!!

    Jar Jar Binks

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    Nuff said!
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    that's terrible that Mayim Bialik was rude to your friend.

    What was Jenna Von Oy like? I kinda had a crush on her as a kid . . . and since you mentioned Kirk Cameron, I kinda had a crush on his sister Candace too . . . but now she's Candace Cameron-Burre (sp?) married to hockey player Pavel (sp?).

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    She's married to a hockey player....huh, never knew.

    Yeah, she was a total......well, I'll take the high road. But it's a funny story that I have to tell for the rest of my life.

    Is that the girl who played Six (or whatever her name was), if so, she was real nice. Joey Lawrence was REAL cool too. What was real funny, is when he was introduced, all t he girls went crazy, saying I love you and such, well, as it quieted, I stood up and shouted I love you!! He died laughing. Classic moments. I will always respect him for being really cool. WHOAH!
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    Jar Jar, for once we agree on something! Maybe we can be friends after all! I saw Eight Legged Freaks today and absolutely adored it. The spiders were very well done, and it was extremely humorous. My only real qualms are that the guns weren't handled realistically (no recoil on a shotgun? Yeah right! And the slide on Pete's Beretta should have been locked back whenever it was empty.) but it was realistic when a shotgun tore a spider to shreds.

    And it was quite a family--Sam and her daughter were both hot. Jar Jar, I too thought the cat scene was a little over-the-top but well done.

    My dad and I had our disagreements. He didn't like this movie much at all. Our thoughts were vice versa on the last movie we saw, The Sum of All Fears. He said it was a tense, terrifying masterpiece, while I thought it was one of the most atrociously boring things I've ever seen! Some would argue that SOAF is better because it's longer-- but I, for one, am more entertained by an hour and a half of spiders being blasted than I am by two and a half hours of a bunch of old guys standing around and talking and talking and talking! And the only "action" scenes in SOAF were basically all shown in the previews.

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    Hopefully I will see this tonight!
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