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    Arrow has ANYONE got PERFECT Anakin Hangar Duel?

    Has anyone got a PERFECT Anakin?
    I've got 9 of this figure and 4 of them are pretty close but I went to tru the other day and there were LOTS of dodgy paint jobs.
    I've got 4 of them with really good paint jobs but with the other ones they've had little specks of paint on the face which have been easily scratched off with a needle.
    As you can tell ANAKIN SKYWALKER is my fave character from Episode II

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    i think the TA ani is better than the HD ani. but i don't have a TA ani yet, so i can't really say...
    Sampsonite! i was way off!

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    oops, what I meant was has anyone got a perfect anakin hangar duel.. I mean a good paint job and good magnets etc?
    I've just glued the arm cos I just display them

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    I agree totally with your list of top 10 saga figures!
    My HD Anakin is perfect, and I got him on 4/23.

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    That's for me to know...and for you to find out.
    I have ani ta and I think he's better than hd. he's more detailed. he looks cooler. double handed lightsaber pose. metal lightsaber.
    The shrowd of the dark side has fallen...begun this clone war has -Yoda

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    Originally posted by DeadEye
    I agree totally with your list of top 10 saga figures!
    My HD Anakin is perfect, and I got him on 4/23.
    thanks , I don't even have TA Anakin but it's gotta be number 2.
    I got 2 Anakins on the 4/23 and they were both cool, good paint jobs, no loose limbs, good magnets etc etc.
    I'm just more cautious about paint jobs with the saga line, I wasn't like that with POTJ, POTF2 or Episode 1, I think there have been some sucky paint jobs with this line... but if you get a figure with a good paint job etc etc it's cool!
    The saga line still rocks!

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    I want the TA Anakin so freakin' sig says it all.

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    Anakin Episode III

    imagine what the Episode III Anakin figure will be like, it'll have a scowl that could turn milk sour

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    Probably. Maybe a blue lightsaber and the red one he uses as Vader! Maybe, if the EP3 figures have gimmicks, he'd have "battle damage"!

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    no no no no NO to gimmicks!

    that's the cool thing about the Episode 1 line.. not silly gimmicks, the commtech chips were GREAT stands!
    I can't wait to see what Anakin looks like in Episode III, I wonder when we'll see the first pictures like when we saw those first pictures of them in Australia walking to the set.
    I wonder if we'll get a 4th saga basic Anakin figure, I'd like Anakin Skywalker - Jedi Padawan with a metal blue lightsaber, neutral pose and a cloak.


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