Was anyone able to get the Episode 1 Super Deformed figures from Japan a while back? They were too expensive for me at the time, but man do I feel like I missed out.

For those who don't know what Super Deformed is, it is a Japanese collecting trend where the body is shrunk while the head of the figure stays big. The Palm Talkers were the American import of the OT series, with the addition of voice chips. They are insanely unique, and just look plain cool. Most American companies shy away from calling them "Super Deformed," instead opting for titles like "Little Big Heads."

Anyways, if anyone has pictures of this Episode 1 line or any other classic characters, can you post them? I really want to see the Darth Maul one again. And does anyone have info on an ATOC line? A Super Deformed Kit Fisto would make my year!