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    Question What Expanded Universe figure do you want made most?

    I want a Quinlan Vos, so you can at least display him with his padawan Aalya Secura
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    i want a new dark trooper. the ohther is cool but to big
    Sampsonite! i was way off!

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    Guri, the one major character inexplicably left out of the "Shadows" line.

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    Actually I would love to have Jaina and Jacen Solo... I think both of them would be cool... And we could complete the Solo family!
    But seriously the best EU char got to be Mara Jade!
    "It was just a little story outline with bits and pieces," -- George Lucas

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    Well, we already got a Mara Jade figure, but Jacen, Jaina, and little Anakin would make for a nice 3-pack.
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    Jedi Outcast Kyle Katarn(sp?), loaded with weapons, and his lightsaber . And the dark jedi that are seen through out the game.
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    i know! a young grand moff tarkin from rogue planet. that would be cool!
    Sampsonite! i was way off!

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    Bothan spy
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    Resculpt of Prince Xizor
    Zekk (Young Jedi Knights)
    Theres one more but I forgot what his name is he's in the New Jedi Order and hes evil, and that Red Devil guy they would all be cool!!!!!!!
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