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    Whos needs HTF Saga for retail?

    These are HTF in a lot fo places still

    My local un-named store ( **** you scalpers )
    has a **** load of newer HTF figures

    Djhas Purrs
    Royal Guards\
    Mace WIndu Rescue
    Jango Last Battle
    and a ton more
    Bespin Vader
    Bespin Luke

    Request soem needs and I wil lsee if i can pic kthem up for you

    should be around for a few more days

    They retail at $5.49 before tax at this store sorry

    You'd pay shipping

    Unless it was for a trade

    List Alll offers

    Ask about other figures
    as I forgot some of them


    The only

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    Hi, I cant find the Massifs or Palpatine anywhere....I will definatly pay that price...if you can get two of each, that would be great. Thanks...also how about ki-adi-mundi, thats a tough one too...let me know at

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    Hey the store was kidna cleaned otu when I went abck for more, and some peopel already got my Teemtos, Massifs, and Mundis

    I do however have 1 palpy oen if u still want it

    Its MOC

    I'd say the card is c-9

    Don't want to voerstate it



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