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    Empire Card Back Variations

    I was wondering if anyone knew which of the ESB card back variations (Mail-Away Offers) were the rarest and why they aren't listed in price guides? Was the entire line up to the point of the offer re-issued with these offers or just some? The five back variations are as follows:

    -Free Secret Star Wars Action Figure (Bossk)
    -Star Wars Display Arena Offer
    -Free Star Wars Action Figure Survival Kit
    -Free 4-LOM Figure
    -Free Revenge of the Jedi Figure (Admiral Ackbar)

    I'm sure it's possible they were all produced in equal #'s and that's why we usually get only one listing for them in price guides but I really doubt it.

    Any info. would be appreciated.

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    Well, the number of figures shown on the back changed, too. As to rarity, I really don't know.
    Did any ESB cards have the Boba Fett offer? Or was that just for SW ones? I may have to check Sansweet's Action Figure Archive book for these.
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    I think the rarity of the cardback depended on the figure. However, generally speaking, the ESB 21-back "Secret Offer" card is the rarest. Again, though, some characters can be found more readily than others on this particular card. This card also has the distinction of being the first ESB card, and I believe, the only ESB card that wasn't released with any of the ESB characters.

    I agree, it would be helpful if any of the price guides mentioned these different cards. Then again, the schizophrenic pricing in many of these price guides is trouble enough.

    Bel-Cam -- The Boba Fett offer was only on the Star Wars cards, specifically the 20-back.
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    I agree with you a 100% STORMIE. I have been collecting vintage star wars moc's for awhile now and to tell you the truth the esb 21 backs i think are for some reason my favorites. Why? I'm not sure. I think it's because ESB is my favorite movie and the 21 backs are the toughest to find (in the condition i'm looking for) So far so good though. My ESB Boba Fett 21bk is my favorite figure in my entire collection. Still looking for an ESB 21 bk Jawa. Always interested if anyone has these (ESB 21 bk) moc's.
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