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    What Extra Parts Do U Have Or Need?

    Just wondering what parts is everyone missing from there shios and playsets maybe we can all help each other complete them
    need vintage parts and weapons

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    Well off hand I know I need

    AT ST Top gun
    AT AT front gun, and cockpit cover
    B Wing Bottom wing & canope (sp?)
    Imperial shuttle side panel & front gun
    Y Wing bomb front guns, and top gun turrot only
    X Wing canape clear

    What I can remember haveing is

    X Wing canape smoke colored
    Falcon top hull cover, bottom door,smuggler hatch cover, cockpit cover and glass

    Snow Speeder back engin nob

    Speeder bike (almost all parts)

    Y Wing cockpit cover

    A few others that I can't remember.

    I'm willing to buy or trade for nearly any of these things.
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    Only extra part I have is the radar dish holder from the Millenium Falcon. But I have a LOT of missing and busted parts; too many to list...

    ... but I'll try.

    X-Wing canopy
    cardboard back to Land of the Jawas
    Falcon's lightsaber ball & string
    Falcon's ramp blue posts-thingies
    Snowspeeder clear canopy
    Snowspeeder tow cable and holder part
    Dewback reins
    Y-Wing bomb

    And possibly more. But I'm not in any hurry to replace them right now.
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    I need:
    Dagobah R2 Adapter
    2 side railings,1 post for fire pit,throne handeler for Ewok Village
    At-At chin cover
    Taun Taun Reins
    Cantina Backdrop,Door frame,And both brown doors
    Jawa playset Backdrop
    12in Boba Fett gun
    12in Stoormtrooper gun
    12in Jawa strap
    sy snootles mic

    I Have:
    Sandcrawler ladder
    Sancrawler Battery cover
    Snowspeeder ship with canopy(no glass)1 gun and back piece
    Falcon 2 Blue Struts 1 broken and bottom door
    12 in Chewy 2 arms 1 leg
    12in Boba fett arms and legs

    yes i am in a hurry to complete these items so if anyone has them post them.
    need vintage parts and weapons

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    anyone else?
    need vintage parts and weapons

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    My needs are:
    Jabba’s pipe bowl air intake stern
    Star Destoryer’s gun hub
    Skiff right rear leg
    Sandcralwer stairs

    I'd have look at what ALL I have but I know I have these:
    A fin for the Tatoonir Skiff
    Some tools for the Vehicle Maintenance Energizer (maybe a hose too)
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    Ok here's what I have:
    3 tools and 1 hose for Vehicle Maintenance Energizer
    The seat for the speeder bike (no handels)
    And left side fin for the Tatoonir Skiff.

    I'll sell or trade any of these.
    "I'm sick and tried of these motherfrakkking Sith on this motherfrakkker plane!"
    Mace Windu - Episode 2.5: Sith on a Plane

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    I have:

    Yoda house from the Dagobah playset
    Falcon canopy (no glass - can't remember if there was glass or not)
    Falcon satellite dish thing.

    If anybody is interested e-mail me.


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    I've got an extra B-Wing canopy. If anyone's interested, drop me an email:



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