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    Hasbro is doing a lot of recycling lately

    What the heck? Hasbro seems to be on the recycling kick lately. Here's some stuff they've recycled of late:
    • metal saber hilt from Kit Fisto to Ani HD and Dooku
    • Preview Jango's blast effects with Djas Puhr
    • Power FX X-wing into the TRU X-wing (I almost don't mind this except for the painful price on a recycled ship)
    • vintage/potf2 landspeeder's hovering gear into the new Landspeeder along with
    • POTF2 Tatooine Luke into new Landspeeder
    • Ponda Baba, CTC Greedon, and Momaw Nadon into the 3 Cantina sets
    • each Cantina set has the same exact piece of the bar
    • Super Battle Droid in the Deluxe Yoda set
    • Power FX R2-D2 into Saga R2-D2
    • Dooku's sidious hologram with the upcoming Lott Dod
    • Massiff recycled into upcoming Tusken w/ Massiff
    • recycling POTJ Plo Koon's head
    • recycling POTJ Saesee Tiin's head
    • Ep 1 Ki-Adi-Mundi into Saga Ki-Adi-Mundi (supposedly, very few changes)
    • all 4 accessory packs have recycled figures and some recycled accessories too
    • recycling some Action Fleet vehicles and battle packs into figureless Action Fleet
    • POTJ Tusken recycled into upcoming Tusken w/ Massiff

    Heck, on that last one, they didn't even seem to alter the Massif or Tusken Sniper at all. I can accept recycling 300th Fett's backpack for Kamino Escape Jango or recycling Obi-Wan Coruscant's saber with Obi-Wan Pilot, but some of these seem a tad excessive to me.
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    I have a bad feeling about this. The vintage line started recycling just before the death of the line and GI Joe started seriously recycling figures in their last few years of the line.

    I think it is a precursor to what we can expect in the future, more rehashed and retooled figures, less original sculpts.
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    [color=dark-blue]I hate the sound of that. [/color]

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    Super Battle Droid in the Deluxe Yoda set
    At least in this case it's an improvement.

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    Kit's, Dooku's, and Anakin's sabers appear to be metal versions of Plo's saber design..which looks like E1 Mace's hilt.

    Djas Puhr wasn't the only one to get Preview Jango's blast effects, same goes for Boba Fett and the Endor Soldier, but that I don't really mind because those are the best ones.

    The lightsaber in the role-play Jedi Accessory set looks alot like E1 Mace's.

    Shaak Ti's and Nikto Jedi's lightsabers are recycled in the Arena accessory set but with different colored blades.

    The SAGA Battle Droid's blaster rifle isn't recycled though! Nope, they remolded it special for the Saga Battle Droid in Navy Blue gummy plastic while Padme and Mace's Battle Droid got the Black sturdy plastic versions.

    I think they're just trying to regain from the losses of the E1 line since they were failing with POTJ due to the higher prices and not too good distribution due to lack of interest by the stores.

    Some of the recycles aren't bad, while some could've been not bad if they hadn't been lazy with them - like them keeping the lever on the Battle Droid in the Arena Accessory set...
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    The worst offense yet, to me, is that POTJ Tusken slapped on a card with the Massiff that comes with the Geonosian. They could have at LEAST given him one different arm or something instead of that dang rifle-holding pose. They couldn't even throw in a Gaderffi (erm, how do you spell that?) stick or anything. You're supposed to just buy TA Anakin to complete the figure. Whatever Hasbro. I won't buy any old piece of recycled crap that you stick in a shiny STAR WARS package. I feel sorry for completist collectors who feel compelled to buy up some of this trash.

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    Fine, don't buy it! Just get the Massiff with the Geonosian Warrior! Case solved.

    It's no big deal, the Tusken Raider is a good figure anyways, and the Massiff is good, just consider it that either way we're getting two figures for the price of one which would be more expensive if it was still POTJ. But if you don't want it, don't buy it. The Tusken Mother seems more like someone who wouldn't be going into combat, so just buy her, take away the gaffi stick, then give it to the Tusken w/ Massiff and let her walk the dog.
    "Hokey packaging and ancient gimmicks are no match for good detail on your figure, kid."
    "I am a Klingot from Oklahoma in human boy form."
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    [color=dark-blue]I am a new collector, this is the first line that i've bought figs for, and I like the idea, simply becuase I can't find Tuskens. I want to set up a Tatotoine and a Geonosis mini-diorama. I just wish that everything wasn't so hard to come by. [/color]

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    Re: Hasbro is doing a lot of recycling lately

    Ok, I decided to share my opinion on most of these. I know we don't always see eye to eye, JT. But this is nothing against you. This is just the alternative viewpoint. I don't see a problem with packing the same blaster effects into different figures. Isn't a good thing to have a standard that fits on several weapons. That way if you loose one, it can be easily replaced? That would be like complaining cause so many figures come with Stormtrooper rifles.

    What's so wrong with the price of the Power FX scale TRU X-wing. Not only do you get a proper scaled X-Wing with a great paintjob, no more annoying stickers to have a pain putting on. But it also includes a Dagobah R2-D2 and equipment.

    The hovering feature on the old Landspeeder's was always good. Nothing to complain about there. Why try to re-invent the wheel, when you got it right the first time. Besides, the wheels are finally clear this time. And not to mention the rest of the vehicle is all new. That's the big seilling point.

    The Ponda Baba, Greedo, and Momaw Nadon in the Wal-Mart Cantina sets have been retooled. The Momaw Nadon figure is much more accurate, not only in cor but also his outfit. The CTC Greedo was a good figure, but again they used the wrong color vest. That has been corrected in the new set. Ponda Baba has had the most changes, he know has the often requested removable arm, as well as having jointed knees so he can sit.

    The Super Battle Droid has been resculpted slightly, to be more movie accurate. I wish that they would have moved the red "light" to the correct spot, but it still improves on the original release. The first one wasn't a bad figure, it just needed to put it's arm in the correct firing placement.

    I agree, packing the Sidious hologram in with Lott Dod was pretty cheap. They should have atleast sculpted it atop the walking throne, so that you could have used it in scenes. It does atleast add a little somthing to the figure.

    I don't see a huge problem with re-using Plo Koon's and Seasee Tiin's POTJ heads for the Saga figures. It's not suppoed to look like a different charecter after all. Again, why re-invent the wheel. But they did give the Saga Seasee Tiin a better paintjob.
    The E1 Ki-Adi-Mundi was a good figure, adding some arm articulation, a lil retooling, and a bit of a different more detailing with paint, doesn't mean Hasbro's being cheap. Again, see the re-inventing the wheel thing. Ki-Adi-Mundi is one of the better early E1 figures, and the sculpt still stands up to the POTJ and Saga improvements.

    The accessory sets are ok. They do allow people to pick up Death Star Troopers for a decent price. As well as helping army builders with Scout Troopers, Hoth Soldiers, and Battle Droids. And you get alot of accessories that are pretty cool.

    I spoke on the Tusken with Massiff in the other thread. This was commen in the vintage line. But back then all you got was the same figure on a new card. People have been asking for re-packaging of army builders for a while. If they would have done somthing like this with a Stormtrooper there would be alot fewer complaints. Atleast here they added the Massiff, and from what I understand he will still have the removable head feature. The POTJ Tusken was the best Tusken sculpt anyway, again why not save a few bucks here, and release an already good figure again. Then take the figure profits, and instead of having to pay for the sculpt, it can help make more figures like Ephant Mon a reality.

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    JJB...your point was well made. Save money and make more fan choice figures.
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