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    Main occupation for you Figures??

    What does your figures do once you take them out of the bag when you get home?? Do they rest of thumb tacks on your wall for eternity or do they take on the role of a model, for recreated battles and poses etc. Or dog toy? bought for the kids what???
    Mine rest on thumb tacks, giving my room a custom type of wallpaper...

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    Main occupation for my figures??? Well, all of my Luke's are pizza delivery boys who work at Dominos. Down the street from that is the Go-Go bar where Jabba's dancers and slave Leia work. Chewie is the bouncer there. And speaking of Jabba, he runs the bank on the other side of town. Hoth figures all work at the local ski shop. Mind the sales that they have; they raise the prices before they mark them down for the sale. It's like Crazy Eddie's all over again! The Emperor runs a fortune telling and crystal shop. Mara Jade is the owner of a nail salon. R2 has a store called the "Soda Shoppe"; which I never go to because I HATE the word shoppe and Yoda is available for kids parties.

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    They rest neatly in a box.
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    Opened for a 6 year old to do that which he pleases.

    The way it should be!

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    I rip them suckers outta that package, fiddle with their poses a bit, and then I put them in my displays that are spread across my entire room.
    Then, when I'm dusting, I'll usually pull a few down and play with them - and no, I don't care that I'm 18 and I still play with toys. It's fun. And I don't see how you can have fun with them still in the package, but that's just what I think (I'm not bad mouthing those who keep them carded, so don't yell at me) . I used to be a carded collector, only opening a few. But I found this to be much better on the wallet and playing relieves stress .

    They call them fingers, and yet they don't fing. Noodle that one for a while.
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    Well, 4 of my figures are on tour as the band Droids With Hats and the new Bespin Luke and Vader are playing baseball(see the General Discussion thread for photos of both)

    The Sandtroopers are patroling a partial diorama of Mos Eisley. They pulled over Luke and Ben.

    The Rebel Pilots are in a briefing.

    My custom figures are lined up for photographs on my computer desk.

    My daughter (who turns 1 in August) plays with C-3PO and R4-M9. R5-D4 and Saber Launching R2 are also on my desk for her entertainment. She loves watching them launch their projectiles....ah to be 1 again. She is the only person I know that appreciates R5-D4.

    The rest are in a box or case, waiting to be displayed.
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    They all stand around gathering dust for this years harvest.
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    Once they are ripped out... I would play with them and see which pose would look the coolest!! After that it goes into the display shelf where it would join the rest of its buddies!! My mom never lets me keep them carded and hanged all over the wall!!
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    all my figures are in dioramas...
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    All of mine are in Protecto Paks or Star Cases. I have all of my episode 2 line out on shelves being displayed. All older stuff before episode 2 are stored in boxes and I keep a master list of everything, so that I know exactly what I got. Personally I think that any regular figure is okay to open, but when you open a Toy Fair Vader or C2 Jorg Sacul, thats just wrong!
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