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    Exclamation Custom Lighted CFC Playset

    Though I've done this a long time ago, I still get emails about it. Now, I just realized that I've never posted about it on SSG!

    Custom Lighted CFC Playset

    If you'd like to build one of your own, here's the recipe!

    1) Carbon-Freezing Chamber Playset
    2) 36 count orange Xmas lights preferably one without a female plug at the other end.
    3) Mono-filament fishing line cut to the same length of the Xmas lights
    4) Transparent tape

    1) Scissors or cutting tool
    2) Lots of patience

    1) Test the lights and make sure that everything lights up.

    2) Separate top chamber part from the rest of the playset and turn it upside down.

    3) Start with the first light nearest the plug. Tie a knot with the wire close to the first light into the top right part of the chamber just below the part of the stairs. Tie it tightly, do a double knot if you have to.

    4) Continue to tie the lights into the slots going around the chamber from the right side (10 lights) through the middle part and then to the right side (10 lights). Make sure that the inner part of the chamber is clear of any lights or wiring.

    5) Continue to tie the lights around the stairs (10 lights) and at this point you're back on the right side of the stairs where you started. Tie a knot tightly with the stairs and cut out the remaining fishing line. Your work should look like this picture.

    6) Drop the wire alongside the chamber wall (one light will show up outside the chamber which can be covered by the bottom control panel). Tape the wires to the wall.

    7) Run the wire to the bottom of the chamber and place the remaining lights inside the chamber. Tape up the wires inside the chamber and make sure that it doesn't get in the way of the carbon freeze block mechanism. Test it out with the block making sure that none of the wiring gets in the way.

    8) Assemble the playset with the top chamber. Make sure that the wiring does not get in the way of the chamber assembly. Put the orange front cover of the playset and the remaining parts as well shown in this next picture.

    9) Turn on the power and enjoy your own lighted carbon freeze chamber.
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    I've seen your pictures of that before. It is beautiful. I'm going to have to track down some of those lights. Thanks for posting the insturctions.
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    Christmas lights, good idea!
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