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    Bandontherun's Reviews of Random Figures in His Collection

    Darth Sideous

    Articulation: (aka movement) the cloak covers his legs, which can move, but don't have much room to. His arms have long parts of his cloak, which get annoying. 2/5

    COMMtech Chip: A few nice sayings. However, one of the most annoying voices, which drops the rating a bit. 3/5

    Accuracy: A pretty good version. The face seems younger than in the movie though, which isn't good. 3/5

    Total: 8/15; 53%
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    You're right . . . this is a random figure!!!
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    I have to respond to this, as the figure corresponds with my username. I do wish the legs could move more, but I'd prefer the robes to cover them at the expense of movement. And I like the long parts. It makes it look a bit different than the Palpatine figures. The only thing I want is an accessory or two...I give it a 4.5/5. Then again, I've always been a bit partial towards Sidious. Now if only I could come across a holo one...No, I will not give in to scalpers and pay $20.00 + shipping for him.
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    And the jailor man, and Sailor Sam, were searching everyone....for the Band on the Run...Band on the Run.

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