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Thread: Avon Exclusives

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    Avon Exclusives

    Did anybody know that there were some Avon exclusive Action Fleet vehicles out there ? I saw a few AF vehicles listed on a website that said they were Avon exclusives . Does this seem weird to anyone else? I mean , Avon ..... Action Fleet . That's just weird to me .
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    several action fleet vehicles, and and least one battle pack was sold through avon

    the action fleet vehicles were lukes x-wing, and vaders tie fighter. as ferthe battle pack, the only confirmed one that i know of is battle pack 7 with the escape pod.

    the avon releases were the same as the regular af's, the packaging was in a white cardboard box with blue writing.

    swafman has some photos of the boxes here
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    Aaack!!! I gotta get a digicam. Those pics are atrocious. Huck, here are scans of the front of the boxes (both are identical), and the top panels of each....
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    Weird discovery!

    I guess I regret slamming the door in my Avon lady's face so many times. I would've bought lipstick or mascara for myself (even though I am guy) just to get the toys. I wonder how that partnership came about?
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    The Galoob President's wife had an avon party and she gave him the idea?
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