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    Question A Star Wars Museum?

    Why is there not a Star Wars museum? I went to the touring exhibit when it was in Chicago and it was great. There where tons of people there too. There where also tons of people lined up at CII to see that exhibit, but there where tons of people everywhere. Anyway, I think this would be a wonderful thing for Lucas to do. Plus, it would be very profitable (as if he needs more money). Just look at how many people went to CII and to the touring exhibit. This could be very similar to the baseball hall of fame. I mean people would plan trips just to go to this place. I picture this museum being near Lucasís hometown, which is in the middle of nowhere. This place could be huge. With all the props and movie memorabilia. They could have some life size ships made similar to displays in Air Force museums. They could have an amazing gift shop with tons of stuff. They could probably even get Sansweat to set up all of his stuff. That guy could have his own wing. On weekends in the summer they could have the stars of the movie come and sign autographs and put on a Q and A. They could have events once a year (not like CII), but just presentations and speeches given by GL or others. They could have a real life R2 D2 just rolling around all the time. Plus, Storm troopers just hanging out there. Like Field of Dreams: If you build it, they will come. This place would be the grandest place on Earth. I know Iíd make a point to go there at least once a year. Why doesnít this place exist?
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    I don't think so. Thats a good idea though.
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    I don't know if its a museum but for the Fan Film awards, Kevin Smith was in a place with tons of props (I think he said it was a museum). I mean blasters, helmets, the 3po suit (I think) and so on. Don't know if it's open to the public, he said it was a few miles away from Skywalker Ranch.
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    After seeing the traveling exhibit last summer I thought the same thing icatch9. Obviously what we were seeing was a small fraction of the vaults of the SW/GL universe. I would definately pay and travel to see a SW museum that had vehicles, costumes, props, models and other memorabilia. I think that it will happen as some point but first all the movies have to be completed. Perhaps even it will take GL passing away for the collection to become public. Something like a Graceland for SW fans.
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    It probably will exist sooner or later. If not a museum for Star Wars only, a museum all Lucas' films and contributions. As far as location, I really can't see placing it near Lucas' hometown. It needs to be closer to other attractions...closer to Skywalker Ranch or perhaps even in the movie-prop-laden Southern California area. His hometown is also a bad idea because it's not even close to the bucolic little farming community it once was. It's now a sprawling, smoggy, overcrowded city with high unemployment. Plus, there's no other "attractions" there, and nothing to do. I would know, I grew up there too (albeit a few decades later than GL).
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    Originally posted by MikeAndTheBots
    I don't know if its a museum but for the Fan Film awards, Kevin Smith was in a place with tons of props (I think he said it was a museum). I mean blasters, helmets, the 3po suit (I think) and so on. Don't know if it's open to the public, he said it was a few miles away from Skywalker Ranch.
    I believe that Kevin's pieces were shot at ILM, which is about 20 minutes or so from the Ranch.

    As the story goes, Lucas was posed for a shot which appeared in like Time Magazine or something. They wanted a few props around him so they started surrounding him with models and stuff. Supposedly because of that, Lucas or somebody got the idea to create a museum of some kind of all the stuff laying around.

    Around 1994 or so, a gigantic exhibit opened in Japan that showed off tons of Star Wars stuff plus Indiana Jones material.

    The show moved to San Francisco in 1995, minus the Indiana Jones stuff.

    I believe that the next stop for an exhibit was the Smithsonian in Washington DC. The exhibit was cut to like half the size and revamped to follow the Joseph Campbell Myth theme.

    If I'm not mistaken (someone please correct me if I am), the collection was again pared down and turned into the traveling Magic of Myth Tour that is currently in New York. Each stop has had the usual exhibits plus at least one or two Prequel pieces on display.

    Who knows what plans Lucas has for the collection after this current tour completes. It would be awesome if he dedicated a warehouse in Marin or SF to be a permanant museum for all Lucasfilm and ILM work. Perhaps it's time for an official request or petition or something.

    (As a footnote, I've had the great fortune of attending the original San Francisco show, the Smithsonian, San Diego, and Toledo shows in addition to touring the Ranch and Pixar. There is so much available that it would be a shame to not share it with fans in a permanant place.)

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    The closest thing I've seen to a museum is this one.
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    We all seem to be in agreement hear. Something that never happens with Star Wars fans . I just thought it would be in his home town or near by becasue that's always where they put these sorts of things. I mean Cooperstown NY is nowheresville, but that's where the Hall of Fame for Baseball is. Same with Canton Ohio, it's smallville too. Graceland was nothing until Elivs moved there. Still, it would probally be close to Skywalker Ranch and the vicinity. Anyway, location doesnt' really matter. It could be in Antartica and we'd still go.

    I do hope this thing happens. Clearly there is a call for it. I just bet they worry that it wouldnt' be popular year after year. Still, people go to the Halls, and Graceland year after year, so I don't see why this wouldn't be the same.

    I don't think a petition would work. Chances are this is GL call. If he want's to do it he will, and if he doesn't he won't. They are his toys and he doesn't have to share if he doesn't want to.

    Still, I think this would be the happiest place on earth and be so popular it would be amazing
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    There were 2 travelling Star Wars exibits that came to Washington D.C. (not at the same time).There was the Magic of Myth and another that displayed props from Episode 1. I went to the Magic of Myth exibit 4 times. I never got to see the other.
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    The other I think was the art of the Naboo Star Fighter. It was pretty lame. I saw it in D.C. and it was just a large scale model of the N 1 Starfighter. Not to great . Lots of other cool stuff to see there.
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