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    Currently I have 115 Action figures.Probably if I total up everything with a Starwars logo,it'd be over 200 easily.Not big,but it keeps me really happy
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    80 POF2 figures
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    Not counting the trashed vintage stuff under the bed I reckon a rough count of around 800 figures, 24 beasts, 46 vehicles. the figure count is estimated because it would take me too long to stand and count them all individually and i always said I'd never do an exact count. I've got a lot of stuff hidden away in boxes that I've yet to do anything with but bought 'because'
    Notice how when you buy something and put in the display it just gets swallowed up like a black hole or something. The shelf doesn't look any fuller but the stuff keeps going in. The collection is hungry - feed it or suffer.............

    I bought most of my stuff this last two years. catching up on older stuff and army building too. I bought tons of stuff to use for customising. I really don't care to have a better collection than anyone just a good enough one to satisfy myself. I never had hardly any toys as a child so I'm making up for it now. And then some...

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    Let's see, this time last year I owned 70+ vintage, 120+ potf2 and 30+ potj figures (these numbers include multiples). Now I own about 20 Saga, 12 potj, 3 potf2 and 5 vintage. Hopefully by this time next year that number will dwindle down to about 12 figures total. Then hopefully down to one or two by the time Ep3 comes out. Which of course, I will buy a few figures from and have to try to get rid of all over again.

    In case you are wondering, I sold all of my vintage to my brother and gave the 150+ potf2/potj figures to his two sons. My brother uses the toys as rewards for good behavior. Hopefully, I will be able to give them my Saga collection soon, once I can bring myself to part with it.
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    I currently have 234 action figures, 19 12" Figures, 11 ships, 6 lightsabers, and a bunch of Pez dispensers.

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    I currently have lots.
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    Originally posted by billfremore
    I currently have lots.
    I currently have lots, also. Too many to count. A guess? Between 750 and a 1000. Some carded, some loose. Plus beasts, and ships, and playsets galore...

    If I sat down to figure how much I'd spent on all this stuff, I would probably weep.

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    I am uncertain of the number of figures I own. I do not have all of them to date by any means. This is mainly due to the fact that I do NOT need 10 or 20 Lukes, Hans, Qui-Gons, Vaders, etc.

    I do have one of every vintage figure made, including the illusive Yak Face and the blue Snaggletooth. So needless to say I have over 200 small figures, a few dozen 12" (I have all but IG-88 in that scale), and all the beasts.

    I have most vintage vehicles, and many new ones also. I don't really have any of the contemporary playsets, as many are rather poorly made. I do have the Turret & Probot Playset (around which my vintage Hoth related figures are posed) and the Death Star playset.

    I also have all of the Applause vinyls, most of the pre-Episode I and Episode I Battle Fleet, all of the pre-EI Micro Machines minis, all and three of the Collector Fleet ships. I have all of the Pez except R2-D2 (can anyone help me with this one?). I have all of the buddies (pre Episode I) except for any variants. I have a few statues and such, like the Applause Bounty Hunters resin statue (one of the best), the California Originals Chewbacca mug (a Christmas present from the 70's), the Greedo bust, and the Attakus Princess Leai Statue.

    Then of course there is the huge collection of things non-Star Wars. No full collections for the most part, just the various things that caught my fancy over the years. Dinosaurs, animals, super heroes, movie and TV related figures and toys, and miscellanous junk!
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    73 Vintage + 20 doubles & 12 Carded + 2 beasts = 107
    300+ Carded (from 95' till NOW)
    250+ loose (from 95' till NOW)
    about 12 beasts
    like 10 - 12"
    2 dogs
    1 address
    o cats
    and boxes of crap! (doggie poo)

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    A lot. I'm not sure how many exactly and counting them would take a considerable amount of time. I'll do it someday though.
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