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    139 Star Wars 12" Figures (all loose and posed)
    The entire 12" collection, plus a few duplicates, and including all Portrait & electronic figures.

    My kids have a bunch of the 3 3/4 figs, vehicles, ships, playsets, and lightsabers.

    I'm also thinking about collecting the Master Replicas FX lightsabers too.

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    hey mini rock,

    got a camera? i'd like to see that loose 12 inch collection.
    one of these days i plan to display mine, but everytime i set aside some cash for shelves, i go buy more 12 inch stuff.

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    I just moved into my new house and it has a huge basement. I am looking around to see what type of shelving would be best to use. I had bookcases, but that wasn't very good. I think I want something more open.
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    We have to many to count. All I can say is we have one entire room sorounded by shelves jammed full...the floor full and 2 closets full of vintage to current figs, beasts, displays, ships, etc...and I love every ity bity peice down to the little hairs on yodas head LOL
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    About 125 various boxed Star Wars Action Fleet/Micro Machines (if I counted all the loose ships, figures I'd betcha there would be
    500-600 or more)

    40-45 boxed Episode 1 Micro Machine/Action Fleet stuff.

    1 Episode II/Saga Action Fleet

    6 vintage figures

    14 POTF2 figures

    42 Episode I figures

    2 Episode I 12" figures

    53 POTJ figures (1 25th Anniversary set)

    40 Saga figures

    10 vehicles from various lines

    7 deluxe figures from various lines

    5 Cinema Scenes from various lines

    70 or so Episode I fast food collectables

    lots of countless assorted trinkets (Star Wars pez, lightsaber pens, books)

    and a partridge in a pear tree. :happy:
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    Re: How Many Do You Have?

    Time for an update as we head into Revenge of the Sith...

    As of this evening, I have:

    Vintage: 110 loose figures
    Modern lines: 1,235 loose and carded figures
    Beasts vintage and new: 29
    Vehicles: I haven't counted them yet.

    The armies, broken down...
    Sandtroopers: 24
    Stormtroopers: 53
    TIE Pilots: 21
    Hoth Troopers: 12
    AT AT Drivers: 2
    Death Star Gunner: 13
    Royal Guards: 6
    Biker Scouts: 19
    Imperial Officer: 22
    Animated Clone Troopers: 20
    Rebel Soldiers (Tantive IV): 25
    Captain Antilles: 15
    Calmarian Soldiers: 4
    Cloud Car Pilots: 6
    Bespin Guard: 4
    Destroyer Droid: 17
    Clonetrooper: 49
    Geonosis Warrior: 10
    Battle Droid: 31
    Advanced Battledroid: 10

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    Re: How Many Do You Have?

    I could roughly say:

    Modern Line: 500-600 carded figures
    Vintage: 80-90 loose
    Vehicles(modern): 10-20(speeder bikes included)
    Vintage: 1
    Playsets (modern): 3-4
    Vintage: 3-4
    Lego's: 15-20 sets
    Beasts: 1-5

    I havent broke down the armies as I would need to count

    Rough estimate(vintage and modern combine)

    Stormtroopers: 20-25
    Biker Scouts: 5-8
    Tuskens: 4-6
    Jawas: 7
    Imperial Tropoers: 5-10
    Clones: 20-25

    I havent ventured into Battle droids yet. I have about 1 of each carded, thats about 10 total????
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    Re: How Many Do You Have?

    Not counting Vintage figures, and counting EVERYTHING (beasts, battle bag creatures, Mynock, mouse droids, interrogation droids) as a separate action figure, I have 1,449 modern line figures.

    I used to have a borderline disorder with this stuff and have now sold hundreds of figures that used to be in my collection. I used to try to do what Tycho is doing (I am not saying Tycho has a borderline disorder), to set up all the scenes from the movies at once. This requires over 20 Chewbaccas, etc.

    I almost never buy more than one of a figure anymore. I have cut way back on my army building.

    I now try to buy things on sale.

    Storage and money became a real problem, even though I am an opener. I will never quit buying. I am just trying to be more reasonable.

    Buy if you just by the cantina figures, there have been over 20 figures. Just Jabba's Palace there are over 30 figures. It doesn't take long to get the numbers up there.

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    Re: How Many Do You Have?

    Oh, and I copied this from another post I did in another thread:

    I have 67 Stormtroopers of various releases.
    I have 49 Jawas of various releases.
    I have 47 Sandtroopers of various releases.
    I have 40 Battle Droids of various releases.
    I have 23 Rebel Fleet Troopers of various releases.
    I have 23 Endor Rebel Soldiers of various releases.
    I have 19 Hoth Rebel Soldiers of various releases.
    I have 14 Naboo Guards (7 Red, 7 Yellow).
    I have 13 Snowtroopers of varoius releases.
    I have 12 Weequays.
    I have 12 Gamorrean Guards of various releases.
    I have 11 Scout Troopers of various releases.

    The most I have of any one carded figure:

    56 original carded Stormtrooper
    35 first carded Sandtrooper
    27 first carded battled droids (combination of the four variations)
    20 first carded Endor Rebel soldier
    20 first carded Rebel Fleet Trooper
    16 first carded Jawa 2-pack

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    Re: How Many Do You Have?

    I don't know my total collection amounts, but I do keep an accurate count of the number I currently have on display (since people invariably ask). As of today, I have 683 figures on display. This breaks down into 608 loose and 75 carded.

    Loose - 608
    558 Star Wars 3-3/4" (Hasbro)
    24 Buffy the Vampire Slayer (MAC/DST)
    9 Hellboy (Mezco)
    5 Lord of the Rings (ToyBiz)
    4 Simpsons (Playmates)
    4 Ghostbusters (NECA)
    2 Jack Sparrow 18" (NECA)
    1 Purgatori (MAC)
    1 Vampirella (MAC)

    Carded - 75
    67 Star Wars OTC/VOTC/POTC, Galactic Heroes, DVD Fig Set, Animated Clone Wars
    5 Buffy the Buffy Vampire Slayer (MAC/DST)
    2 Spawn (McFarlane)
    1 Kill Bill (NECA)

    I usually buy two of every Star Wars figure so most of the loose figures have carded versions too. I usually count large droid or animal accessories as a figure - i.e. Aunt Beru's Service Droid is counted separately, as are Massiffs and Pit Droids. Smaller accessories, such as Darth Vader's Interrogation Droid and the Senate-Cam Droids, are not counted.


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