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    Re: How Many Do You Have?

    By my count 788 assorted Star Wars collectables.

    Micro Machines/Action Fleet
    Episode II Action Fleet 3 boxed & 1 loose
    Episode 1 vehicle packs 16 carded & 4 loose
    Episode 1 playsets 9 carded & 5 loose
    Episode 1 Diecast 2 carded
    Episode 1 Action Fleet 5 carded & 4 loose
    Classic Action Fleet 41 carded & 24 loose
    Classic Playsets 20 carded & 26 loose
    Assorted Vehicle Collections (classic, x-ray, SOTE, etc) 34 carded 51 loose
    Classic Diecast 4 carded & 7 loose

    Episode 1 44 carded & 21 loose
    Episode 1 Deluxe 3 carded & 3 loose
    Episode 1 Accessory Pack 1 carded
    Episode 1 vehicles/creatures 2 carded & 4 loose

    Kenner Vintage 6 loose

    POTF2 figures 18 carded & 5 loose
    POTF2 Vehicles/Creatures 2 carded

    Cinema Scenes 16 carded & 3 loose

    12 inch collection 3 carded & 2 loose

    POTJ figures 60 carded and 11 loose
    POTJ vehicles 4 carded
    POTJ deluxe 4 carded & 1 loose

    Saga Figures 87 carded & 25 loose
    Saga Deluxe 15 carded & 1 loose
    Saga Vehicles/Creatures 9 carded

    Clone Wars Figures 5 carded
    Clone War Animated Figures 3 carded
    Clone Wars Deluxe 2 carded

    Assorted 3 & 4 packs 4 carded & 2 loose

    OTC figures 8 carded
    VOTC 3 carded
    OTC vehicles 3 carded

    Star Wars unleased 2 carded & 1 loose

    Collectible Cup & Figure 1 carded
    Holiday 2002 set 1 carded
    25th Anniversary Sets 3 carded
    Trash Compactor Sets 2 carded
    Silver figures collection 4 carded

    Episode 1 Fast Food toys (not counting cups) 94 boxed & 74 loose

    I hope it adds up
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    Re: How Many Do You Have?

    Around 1100 figures...every ship and beast made, however many that is.

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    Re: How Many Do You Have?

    Yeah, the number of figures I have are beyond count at this point. It would take a specially assembled team to excavate my archives to get an estimate.
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    Re: How Many Do You Have?

    I have way too many to count, but I can say that I have (all loose):

    Almost all the Vintage Figure Line except for the POTF figures

    Every POTF2 Basic figure made (not counting Deluxe figures)

    Every Episode 1 figure made

    Every POTJ figure made

    Every Saga figure made

    Every VOTC figure

    16 OTC and POTC figures

    Every Clone Wars basic and animated figure


    the 4 EP3 preview figures.

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    Re: How Many Do You Have?

    I made a database and spreadsheet that catalogues my inventory, categories, money spent, etc. etc. Here's what I have so far (including items beyond Hasbro toys)

    Artwork: 4 (lithographs, McQuarrie metal cards)
    Audio/Video: 13 (DVD, VHS, soundtracks, etc.)
    Books - Fiction: 41
    Books - Reference: 11 (art books, making of, etc.)
    Clothing and Accessories: 5 (ROTS shirt, ties)
    Comics: 10 (trade paperbacks and single issues)
    Entertainment - Games: 6 (X-Box, board and card games)
    Entertainment - Puzzles: 12
    Food Stuffs - PEZ Dispensers: 12 (entire OT/AOTC set)
    Food Stuffs - Other: 6 (AOTC cereal boxes, etc.)
    High-End Collectibles: 8 (Vader mini-helmet, scaled sabers, etc.)
    Home Decoration: 1 (ROTJ wall clock)
    Seasonal: 7 (Hallmark ornaments, X-Mas theme custom ARC Trooper)

    The toys are all POTF2 to present (no vintage)
    Toys - 12 Inch Scale: 9
    Toys - Action Figures: 195
    Toys - Beast Assortment: 6
    Toys - Cinema Scenes: 4 (Saga Jedi Council & War Room)
    Toys - Customizations: 8
    Toys - Deluxe Figures: 13
    Toys - LEGO: 10 (mini-building sets waves 1,2)
    Toys - Limited Edition: 15 (TF Silver Vader, silver figs, 25th Anniv. sets, etc.)
    Toys - Miniature Vehicles: 7 (Micro Machines)
    Toys - Multi-Packs: 6
    Toys - Role Playing Accessories: 11 (mostly lightsabers)
    Toys - Statues: 18 (Epic Force and Unleashed)
    Toys - Vehicles: 30
    Visual Media - Theatrical Posters: 8
    Visual Media - Other Posters: 8

    GRAND TOTAL...484 items and $5800+ over the last 9-10 years (not counting items I've gotten rid of over the years).

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    As I don't have my spreadsheet on my computer at work, I'll have to esitmate, but I know as of the last count it was over 3000.

    I'm doing some inventory over the weekend, so i'll try to get a more accurate number.

    BTW, that number accounts for figures only, open or loose, mostly modern with a smattering of vintage.

    If I had to count vehicles, beasts, promos, food wrappers/boxes, props, busts, etc, I know I'm at least double that.

    What's funny (strange) is that I only have roughly 2500 unique entires (again a minimum guess) in the database. That's where the army building comes into play to account for the high number of actual items.

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    As of today, I have 337 carded action figures, POTF2-Saga 2.
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    Don't really know off hand. I have been photographing my collection a little at a time. Last week was most of my carded figures, plus boxed 12" figures. I have been slowly seperating them into folders on my hard drive. Also I have like several multiples like I found 5 Leia's from the same figure, same card. I think one of them is a slight variant, something on the belt if I recall correctly.
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    Quote Originally Posted by bobafrett
    Also I have like several multiples like I found 5 Leia's from the same figure, same card. I think one of them is a slight variant, something on the belt if I recall correctly.
    Yea, the POTF '95 Leia had a belt variant. Two rings or Three rings. It's a tough one to spot and hardly noticeable, but a variant none-the-less.

    Not sure exactly how many figures (carded) I have, but it would be in the 400-500 range and growing. I do have several vintage loose figures, from my early, early childhood. Mainly ones that were passed to me from my father and elder siblings, but I don't know how many exactly. Some complete, some not, they are in a tupperware in storage somewhere. I never really collected sets and beasts and vehicles and such... just figures, all carded. I am glad that I never got into the vehicles and sets though. They tend take up too much space (that I don't have) and they are expensive.

    I have recently started plugging my collection into an Excel spreadsheet. Tedious work, but good a tool to catalogue and database a collection.
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    My database currently has 901 entries in it. That includes beasts, playsets and all types of vehicles of any size. Multi-figure sets count as one entry. When I get the chance, I'll try to get a better breakdown of what I have. I posted my clone breakdown in another thread a while back, but I forget where at the moment.


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